Second Stage Upgrade To Walton Bridge Reserve In The Gap To Bring New Lifestyle and Leisure Opportunities

As part of the $2.5 million Brisbane City Council project to extend the life of Walton Bridge, the second stage of the Walton Bridge Reserve upgrade in The Gap has broken ground. The first stage of the project was completed in December 2017.

The second stage of the upgrade started mid-May 2018 and will be finished before Remembrance Day, 11 November, depending on weather and construction conditions. This particular stage aims to focus on making improvements to the usability and accessibility of the reserve to the local community.

Stage 2 Work Coverage

Stage 2 of the Walton Bridge Reserve improvements involves the following works:

  • Relocation of the memorial at the corner of Jevons Street and Waterworks Road to the remembrance precinct
  • Creating footpaths from Glen Affric Street to the precinct
  • New Waterworks Road pedestrian entrance
  • Relocation of community artwork pillars to the corner of Jevon Street and Waterworks Road
  • Installation of informal amphitheatre seating
  • Additional greeneries at the remembrance precinct

Councillor Steve Toomey (The Gap) recognises the importance of the Walton Bridge Reserve in providing a vibrant space for the community.

“It’s also an important natural area in The Gap, and Council is ensuring it continues to be an idyllic piece of paradise by providing new picnic facilities, an all-abilities playground, a new barbeque as well as upgrades to the car park, Cr Toomey said.

He said that the council has been working closely with The Gap RSL on the second and final stage of the project, which will include enhancing access for people of all ages and abilities.

“Works will also include the installation of amphitheatre seating and defining the Remembrance Precinct by planting trees and garden beds to add to ensure the Reserve remains a special place of remembrance for many years to come.”

“The Gap Residents’ Association and local residents had a huge input into the final design of the upgrade, and I thank everyone for working with me to achieve an outcome that will be loved by the whole community,” he said.

The first stage of the project has brought on an extender play area with a new all-abilities playground, improved picnic areas, new toilet facility, and new greeneries.

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These upgrades by the council are intended to meet the needs of the local community, whilst retaining the existing look and feel of the Reserve.

Address: 25 Glen Affric St, The Gap QLD 4061 AU

The Gap Among Top Suburbs With Highest Number Of Animal Complaints During First Quarter Of 2018

The Brisbane City Council’s recent data on animal complaints shows The Gap as among the suburbs with the most number of complaints received.

Between January to March this year, The Gap received 27 complaints, slightly up from the 24 complaints received last year during the same quarter.

Overall, the council received a total of 1,621 complaints from January to March 2018. The number is higher than the 1,447 total complaints received during the same quarter in 2017.

The Top 5 suburbs with the most number of animal complaints are:


Suburb Number of Complaints (Jan-Mar 2018)
Inala 41
Forest Lake 38
Bracken Ridge 29
ZIllmere 28
The Gap 27

The most common complaint was fencing issues for dogs whilst the second most reported is animal attacking another animal; the third is an animal attacking a person.

The council continues to advocate for Brisbane as a dog-friendly city thus they collect registration fees for dogs to create and maintain fenced off-leash areas and bins and support animal shelters.

The construction of adequate fencing in properties is part of the responsibilities of residents who owns dogs and is required by the council. Failure to comply to this results to a fine.

For aggressive house animals, the council also recommends obedience training to ensure proper behaviour of house pets towards other animals and other people.

On the other hand, the increase in foxes and cats are also believed to be one of the reasons of the sudden spike in animal complaints in the city. Feral cats are commonly found in natural areas, industrial estates, streets, and parks. In order to prevent destruction caused by feral cats, the council has listed what actions they’re taking in accordance to the Biosecurity Plan for the Brisbane Local Government Area.

The council also reminds the community not to feed non-domestic cats as well as foxes.

You can call the council on 07 3403 888 for more information.

The Gap Neighbourhood Plan Update: Community Feedback On Housing, Green Space, Retail & Facilities

The Gap is widely considered as one of the most family-friendly and small business-friendly suburbs of Brisbane. Locals enjoy a laid-back, suburban lifestyle that they would hardly trade for anything else. However, there are always some tweaks that can make things better.

The Brisbane City Council is currently preparing a new neighbourhood plan for the suburb which will become part of the Brisbane City Plan 2014.

Community feedback for the plan was released from October to December 2017. The council received 47 physical submissions from various sources whilst 150 people submitted their feedback online through an interactive online map and feedback form.

The feedback from the locals highlight their preferences for the following:

  • Maintain the traditional suburban character of The Gap
  • More green spaces and vegetation in the area that includes the nomination of specific trees and plants that should be protected in the future
  • The Gap Village Shopping Centre to provide more services and facilities
  • More housing options such as homes for the elderly, smaller households, etc.

All of the feedback has been incorporated in the report that will is part of the neighbourhood draft plan.

More Housing Options

Most of the residents’ main concern is the housing in the area. 71% of the respondents are keen to preserve their low-density residential area. When it comes to housing diversity, the council received mixed responses.

More Local Businesses

The local community is also very particular about the small businesses in the area. Most feedback prefers to support small existing businesses in the area instead of new developments of large retail franchises. In fact, most of the residents support the redevelopment of Payne Rd Centre to pave the way for more local shops.

Preservation Of Green Spaces

As for the leafy vibe of the suburb, the council will preserve the green and leafy character to give locals more ways to enjoy nature. In light of this, the local community also seeks the reduction of bushfire in the area due to the increasing density in the area.

Locals are also calling for the maintenance of the bank of Enoggera Creek facing Paten Rd, walking tracks around the Enoggera Reservoir and Walkabout Creek facilities. There are also calls for extra bushwalking tracks as well as extensions to existing ones.

More Local Activities & Facilities

The community also seeks more activities that will give them opportunities to come together. One of the most popular activities are fitness and strength events. The residents have also put up suggestions for new facilities such as a community hall.

The plan is now with the Queensland Government for further review.

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STEM Building at The Gap State School to Rise in 2019

The Gap State High School is set to open a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) building that will enhance the skills of its students.

The building is set to open in 2019, a perfect time as the new Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) system will be launched that same year.

Students will be given better resources and materials to investigate on real-world issues and challenges that surround them. With a building dedicated to STEM itself, The Gap SHS will see better-equipped students with the knowledge and skills that will shape a bright future.

The $10-million building will have seven classrooms, four science laboratories, and three learning areas. School principal, Anne McLaughlan is very happy with the news. Ms McLaughlan is thrilled that they will be able to accommodate more students and help with the growing community.

The building will also provide access to world-class science and robotic labs, giving students more chance to dive deeper into the mysteries of the sciences. Senior students will greatly benefit from these new facilities.

STEM lets students make a positive impact in the world through innovation and creativity. Many of the faster growing jobs and industries today need STEM expertise. This field utilises and develops critical thinking and reasoning to solve problems.

The course is offered to Years 9 and 10 students at the school and they can choose the course as a specialist elective.

Childcare Centre Development Applications on Payne Road in The Gap Stirs Tension Between Residents & Developers

Goldie St. in The Gap is facing challenging times as residents come together to rally against a childcare centre development in the area.

Specifically located at 81-85 Payne Rd, a proposed childcare facility called the C&K centre aims to cater to 114 children in a 2-storey building.

Photo credit: Your Neighbourhood

Residents are apprehensive as the development could create congestion on the busy road and a safety hazard in their neighbourhood. The road is home to pensioners, young families and people with disability and mobility issues.

The residents said that they are not totally against childcare facilities in their suburb. However, they hope that the developers as well as the Brisbane City Council will find spaces that are more apt for such developments, and not locations that will disrupt residential living.

They also want the development to be aligned with the new The Gap Neighbourhood Plan.

The new neighbourhood plan states that the population only expects to see 700-900 new residents over the next ten years. This contradicts the current approvals for five other childcare centre applications in the suburb.


Same Issue On the Same Road

One childcare centre application at 10-14 Payne Road has been lodged last year, with plans to develop what once was a three-storey brick office building into a childcare centre with an established commercial district centre. The centre can accommodate 117 children.

Photo credit: BCC

The site where the old office lies hasn’t been used for over 20 years. Some residents are very eager to finally see some development in the area. Others don’t think that a childcare centre is appropriate for the area due to the lack of green space. Others are getting concerned over the traffic that it may cause.


The Council Speaks Up

Cr Steve Toomey has already met with the residents to listen to their concerns and the council has responded urging the developer to respond to the council’s concerns and to seek community feedback. The residents, on the other hand, are encouraged to voice out their concerns when the opportunity arises.

The Gap Farmers’ Market Closes Its Door For Good

Sad news for the weekend regulars. After almost four years, The Gap Farmers’ Market has permanently closed.

The market organisers blame the tough economic environment, which has led them to shut down the market. The family-friendly community market is held every Sunday at Hilder Road State School.

Offering local produce from local farmers, the market really did start off well. However, the organisers had a hard time keeping it up for years due to the economic changes. They have observed that most people have been budgeting very carefully, hence affecting their sales and the market overall.

They also blame the huge supermarket chains around the area that can keep their prices low.

Still, the organisers are still determined to continue the popular Sunset Sounds music festival this year. The festival had a successful run last December.

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The Gap’s D’ Aguilar National Park Is Always Worth a Visit

Formerly Brisbane Forest Park, D’ Aguilar National Park in The Gap is always worth the visit. If you want to see the beautiful rainforest and a magnificent view of Moreton Bay, this is the perfect spot.

The diversity of environment and plant communities that can be found here will take one’s breath away. Eucalypt woodlands, gum forests and subtropical rainforests are all yours to enjoy. A perfect place to get lost in if you are looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

There are shady picnics areas where you can relax in with your loved ones. Throw in a picnic rug, bring in a couple off sandwiches and just breathe in the fresh air, There are also barbecue spots at Jolly’s Lookout where you can grill some good meat and chicken while taking on the breathtaking views of Samford Valley.

Experienced walkers can hike the Somerset trail and take in the wonderful views of Somerset and Wivenhoe lakes. For trail adventures, you can ride a horse or a bike out for a bushland ride on the mountain bike trail network and horse riding trail network. There is also a trail-bike and 4WD adventure that you can enjoy.

Since it’s summer, why don’t you take a dip at the Rocky Hole. You can also set up your tent at Neurum Creek or if you want somewhere quieter, the Archer camping area is your best choice.

The Gap Police Actively Searching For the Reckless Motorcycle Rider on Waterworks Road

A dangerous motorcycle driver has caught the attention of the police on 5th November, between 10:00 a.m. to 10:10 a.m. in The Gap.

The police found a motorcycle driver behaving erratically while riding on Waterworks Road. The rider was seen rapidly accelerating and carelessly overtaking another vehicle on the outside.

This kind of driving was observed within that 10-minute window between Pammay Street and Greenlanes Road, as the driver recklessly wove in and out of traffic.

The motorcycle is described as black in colour with black and white registration plates, whilst the rider was seen wearing a black leather jacket, green helmet and dark shorts.

As early as February of this year, eight people have already died in motorcycle accidents on state roads this year. In 2014-2016, Queensland has a recorded 12,028 registered motorcycles and in 2016, 4% of motorcycle rides take up the road in Queensland.

The locals at The Gap are very active in promoting road safety. In fact, The Gap Neighbourhood Watch is part of the Mt. Zero campaign that raises awareness of the dangers of Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious Roads whilst promoting driver safety especially on these roads.

Witnesses are encouraged to contact The Gap Police Station especially those who might have caught the incident on their dash cam. If you have any information or footage on this, you can report it here.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads has a list of useful information and guidelines on motorcycle safety. You can read about it here.

Why Residents Hardly Leave The Gap & Other Brisbane Suburbs

What is it about the The Gap that makes its residents stay put? New data from the Domain Group reveals the 20 most tightly-held suburbs by distance to the CBD in Brisbane, The Gap comes in fourth in the range of 0-5 kms distance from the CBD. Highgate Hill, Newmarket, Wilson and Grange also made it to the 0-5 kms group from the CBD.


Other suburbs on the list:

5-10kms from the CBD:

  • Nathan
  • Carindale
  • Stafford Heights
  • Chermside West
  • Keperra

10-15kms from the CBD:

  • Robertson
  • Chandler
  • Brookfield
  • Durack
  • Middle Park

15-20kms from the CBD:

  • Camp Mountain
  • Wights Mountain
  • Upper Brookfield
  • Inala
  • Sandgate

According to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland Chairman Rob Honeycombe, these suburbs within 0-5 kms from the CBD are family-friendly and are perfectly situated within desirable school catchment areas, hence their high placement on the list.

The Gap is indeed an ideal place for those who want a quiet life in a traditional suburbia setting. One of the things that make the area desirable is the number of good schools in the area such as The Gap State High School, Hilder Road State School, Payne Road State School and St Peter Chanel Primary School.

Photo credit:

The Gap also offers a wide range of recreational establishments such as The Gap Village and other cafes and restaurants such as The Lodge, the third best cafe in Australia. Every week, The Gap Farmers’ Market serves up fresh local produce, delicious food, and other great finds that make both locals and visitors wake up early to catch.

Walkabout Creek and the beach sitting on the edge of the Ennogera Reservoir only add to The Gap’s unique attractions.

Photo credit: Must Do Brisbane

Andrew Wilson, the Domain Group’s chief economist, says that if homebuyers find a suburb that ticked all the right boxes, they would most likely stay long-term.

“Everyone wants to live in the suburb that has the most liveability, the most amenity, and the most infrastructure and facilities close to everything — and has a quality profile in terms of the types of houses in the area,” he said.

Indeed, The Gap is ticking all the right boxes, as their data shows.

Editor’s Note: The categories reported in this article are based on the Domain study and not classifications made by West Brisbane News. While it is true that The Gap should be in the “5-10km from CBD” category, being listed in the other category in no way diminishes the fact that it has ranked as a tightly held suburb.

The Gap Residents Wake Up to Colourful Security Bollards

The Gap has colourful new security bollards and they are a sight to behold. Some residents have said that they just woke up one morning to see that their neighbourhood has become a world of colourful “Legos!”

Around Yoorala Street Reserve, mysterious artists have turned 30 cement bollards into multi-hued works of art. This is not the first time that this has happened, though. In May, Simpson characters were scattered all over the suburb. And now in July, the theme seems to be Legos!


Photo credit: Preserve our Parks, Civic Centres for Community Groups: The Gap Qld / Facebook

All of the creations are made from paper mache. The Gap Resident’s Association member Chris Taylor said that these decorations just came out of nowhere and they have no idea who’s done it. However they came to be, the neighbourhood seems to be appreciative of the colourful displays. Families actually stop around to admire them. The Gap residents are pleased with these beautiful art creations.

This occurence seems to be part of a growing trend. Also in July, Melbourne residents also woke up to colourful bollards in their neighbourhood. Over 200 bollards were installed around the city to prevent vehicle-based attacks. Artists quickly took this an opportunity to express their creativity. They added their unique touch to Melbourne’s temporary concrete cubes. Now, they are covered in colourful materials and graffiti art.

Photo credit: