The Gap Among Top Suburbs With Highest Number Of Animal Complaints During First Quarter Of 2018

Photo credit: My City Life

The Brisbane City Council’s recent data on animal complaints shows The Gap as among the suburbs with the most number of complaints received.

Between January to March this year, The Gap received 27 complaints, slightly up from the 24 complaints received last year during the same quarter.

Overall, the council received a total of 1,621 complaints from January to March 2018. The number is higher than the 1,447 total complaints received during the same quarter in 2017.

The Top 5 suburbs with the most number of animal complaints are:


Suburb Number of Complaints (Jan-Mar 2018)
Inala 41
Forest Lake 38
Bracken Ridge 29
ZIllmere 28
The Gap 27

The most common complaint was fencing issues for dogs whilst the second most reported is animal attacking another animal; the third is an animal attacking a person.

The council continues to advocate for Brisbane as a dog-friendly city thus they collect registration fees for dogs to create and maintain fenced off-leash areas and bins and support animal shelters.

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The construction of adequate fencing in properties is part of the responsibilities of residents who owns dogs and is required by the council. Failure to comply to this results to a fine.

For aggressive house animals, the council also recommends obedience training to ensure proper behaviour of house pets towards other animals and other people.

On the other hand, the increase in foxes and cats are also believed to be one of the reasons of the sudden spike in animal complaints in the city. Feral cats are commonly found in natural areas, industrial estates, streets, and parks. In order to prevent destruction caused by feral cats, the council has listed what actions they’re taking in accordance to the Biosecurity Plan for the Brisbane Local Government Area.

The council also reminds the community not to feed non-domestic cats as well as foxes.

You can call the council on 07 3403 888 for more information.