The Gap Neighbourhood Plan Update: Community Feedback On Housing, Green Space, Retail & Facilities

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The Gap is widely considered as one of the most family-friendly and small business-friendly suburbs of Brisbane. Locals enjoy a laid-back, suburban lifestyle that they would hardly trade for anything else. However, there are always some tweaks that can make things better.

The Brisbane City Council is currently preparing a new neighbourhood plan for the suburb which will become part of the Brisbane City Plan 2014.

Community feedback for the plan was released from October to December 2017. The council received 47 physical submissions from various sources whilst 150 people submitted their feedback online through an interactive online map and feedback form.

The feedback from the locals highlight their preferences for the following:

  • Maintain the traditional suburban character of The Gap
  • More green spaces and vegetation in the area that includes the nomination of specific trees and plants that should be protected in the future
  • The Gap Village Shopping Centre to provide more services and facilities
  • More housing options such as homes for the elderly, smaller households, etc.

All of the feedback has been incorporated in the report that will is part of the neighbourhood draft plan.

More Housing Options

Most of the residents’ main concern is the housing in the area. 71% of the respondents are keen to preserve their low-density residential area. When it comes to housing diversity, the council received mixed responses.

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More Local Businesses

The local community is also very particular about the small businesses in the area. Most feedback prefers to support small existing businesses in the area instead of new developments of large retail franchises. In fact, most of the residents support the redevelopment of Payne Rd Centre to pave the way for more local shops.

Preservation Of Green Spaces

As for the leafy vibe of the suburb, the council will preserve the green and leafy character to give locals more ways to enjoy nature. In light of this, the local community also seeks the reduction of bushfire in the area due to the increasing density in the area.

Locals are also calling for the maintenance of the bank of Enoggera Creek facing Paten Rd, walking tracks around the Enoggera Reservoir and Walkabout Creek facilities. There are also calls for extra bushwalking tracks as well as extensions to existing ones.

More Local Activities & Facilities

The community also seeks more activities that will give them opportunities to come together. One of the most popular activities are fitness and strength events. The residents have also put up suggestions for new facilities such as a community hall.

The plan is now with the Queensland Government for further review.

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