Benjamina Place Park: The Spot That Inspired Bluey’s ‘Turtleboy’

Benjamina place park
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Bluey has captured the hearts of children and adults across the globe. With Brisbane as the backdrop to the series, get to know the locations that have inspired your favourite episodes, like Benjamina Place Park inspiring “Turtleboy” and see Brisbane through Bluey’s eyes.

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In the ‘Turtleboy’ episode, Bingo finds an abandoned toy turtle at the park’s playground and desperately wants to take him home. But wise Dad explains it’s not the “done thing,” as the turtle’s owner may return looking for their beloved toy.

Funny enough, some cheeky Bluey fan made the episode’s premise a reality last year. A simple green turtle plush, just like Turtleboy, was carefully placed at Benjamina Place Park’s playground, abandoned but hopefully to be re-discovered by a new owner. 

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Whilst the toy’s origins are unknown, the gesture delighted local kids who had a smile at the Bluey reference come to life.

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Recreate the iconic scenes of Bingo and Dougie’s turtle game by laying in the cool grass and watching the clouds roll by. Or spend an afternoon having a picnic in one of the sheltered eating areas whilst the little ones burn off a snack-inspired energy burst.

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This beloved local park allows kids to have fun whilst being protected from the harsh Queensland sun. 

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Meanwhile, a new shade sail has been installed as part of Brisbane City Council’s Sun-safe suburban playground program, allowing for extended playtime. Under this shady oasis, kids can expend their endless energy on the playground equipment, basketball court, and shared pathways perfect for scooting.

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Whether you’re a diehard Bluey fan or just a Brisbane local, Benjamina Place Park offers the ultimate setting to experience this beloved show. With its shady play areas and picturesque scenery, Benjamina Place Park allows the Bluey magic to come alive.

Published 6-March-2024