Honeybee Haven: Sweet Start to Community Building in The Quarry

Frasers Property Australia’s $500 million master-planned community, The Quarry, in Keperra is creating a buzz with its first inhabitants – not homeowners, but honeybees. With The Quarry Bee Project, approximately 240,000 European bees have taken up residence in the development, marking an innovative approach to community building and environmental stewardship.

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The Quarry Bee Project takes flight

The Keperra Quarry Bee Project, managed by urban beekeeping group Bee One Third, has installed eight European beehives at The Quarry. Jack Stone, Director of Bee One Third, explains, “These industrious bees are integral to the local ecosystem and venture up to 5 km from their hives at The Quarry, pollinating gardens, parks, forests, and supporting the blossoming Keperra community.”

The bees are expected to produce between 200-300 kg of honey annually, creating a unique local blend that reflects the area’s biodiversity. This initiative serves multiple purposes:

  1. Supporting local pollination
  2. Producing distinctively local honey
  3. Contributing to ecological health
  4. Enhancing community engagement
  5. Aiding in environmental monitoring

Community engagement and education

The Quarry - School Holiday Program 1
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The Quarry is leveraging the bee project for community outreach. Recent school holiday programs have featured the bees, offering families educational activities such as beeswax candle crafting and watercolour painting. The honey produced is being donated to local schools for fundraising and to the nearby Keperra Sanctuary Aged Care facility.

The Quarry - School Holiday Program 2
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Scott Ullman, General Manager Queensland Development at Frasers Property Australia, reports strong interest in The Quarry since its launch in Winter 2023. The first release of 29 lots has sold out, with subsequent releases also selling rapidly. When complete, The Quarry will feature approximately 500 residences and extensive amenities for residents.

Looking ahead

The Quarry
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As the Keperra Quarry winds down its 60-year granite mining operation, the new development is set to transform the area. Located just 9.5 kilometres northwest of Brisbane’s CBD, The Quarry aims to become a vibrant community that balances modern living with environmental consciousness.

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The introduction of beehives as The Quarry’s first residents symbolises the development’s commitment to sustainability and community integration. As human residents prepare to move in, they can look forward to being part of a unique ecosystem where urban living and nature coexist harmoniously.

Published 22-June-2024

Free Family Fun at The Quarry’s Winter School Holiday Program

Looking for something fun to do with the kids these winter school holidays? Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 30th as The Quarry in Keperra is hosting a free Winter School Holiday Program from 9am to 12pm that is open to families across Brisbane.

The event will take place at The Quarry Sales & Display Centre at 1004 Samford Road, Keperra. Frasers Property, the developers behind The Quarry master planned community, are inviting children and their parents to enjoy a morning packed with activities and entertainment.

Kids will have the chance to get their hands dirty with some flower planting, try their skills at being “little builders”, get their faces painted, and burn off some energy with lawn games. Each child will get to take home their very own miniature house creation and flowers they planted.

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Children will be given a fun experience learning about woodworking, caring for the environment, and how The Quarry is transforming this former granite quarry site into a fantastic new residential neighbourhood.

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The little ones will be treated to sandwiches and juice, while the parents can enjoy complimentary barista-made coffee and gourmet wraps throughout the morning’s festivities.

Spots are limited, so families are encouraged to RSVP by June 21st to secure their attendance for the free Winter School Holiday Program.

With such an exciting lineup of free, family-friendly activities, this promises to be one school holiday event you won’t want to miss out on!

Published 10-June-2024

The Quarry in Keperra Unveils ClubQ: A $5 Million Oasis for Residents

Guess what’s making waves in Keperra? It’s not just another pool party – it’s a $5 million oasis called ClubQ, exclusively for residents of The Quarry.

The innovative hub boasts multiple pools, a private wellness centre, shared green areas, and a sunset deck with panoramic views. Keperra’s appeal to homebuyers is on the rise, and ClubQ’s design, by Rothelowman, takes inspiration from the existing environment and materials.

ClubQ The Quarry in Keperra
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The entertainment space at ClubQ overlooks a large LED screen and an art gallery that will eventually become a communal dining area.

ClubQ The Quarry in Keperra
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Scott Ullman, General Manager Queensland Development at Frasers Property Australia, highlighted the unique amenity and design aesthetic that ClubQ brings to the area.

Photo Credit: Youtube/ TheQuarry

The Quarry will ultimately comprise a mix of 500 home and land sites, Rothelowman-designed terrace homes, and extensive placemaking initiatives. 

The existing Keperra Quarry, which mines granite, will gradually scale back its operations as the residential development progresses.

Published Date 20-May-2024

Urban Transformation: A New Chapter for Keperra Quarry

Did you know that the once-bustling Keperra Quarry is being transformed into a vibrant residential community?  Set approximately 9.5km from the CBD, this ambitious $500-million project is changing the landscape and setting a precedent for urban redevelopment. 

With the second phase of land release now in progress, this project combines historical significance with a futuristic vision for community living.

Phase Two: A Leap Towards Modern Living

The project’s second phase marks a significant step in the transformation of the 60-year-old gravel quarry. 

Scott Ullman, General Manager of Queensland Development at Frasers Property Australia, highlighted the uniqueness of the upcoming homesites. Nestled on the hillside, these sites offer expansive views of the D’Aguilar Range and beyond, presenting a rare opportunity for homeowners to immerse themselves in both the natural beauty and the historical essence of the area.

Community and Amenities at Heart

At the core of the Keperra Quarry project is a commitment to creating a community-centric environment. Upon completion, the development will feature approximately 500 homes surrounded by over 40% dedicated green spaces, including existing bushland and newly curated areas. More than 100,000 new plants and trees are set to be planted, emphasizing the project’s dedication to regeneration and sustainability.

Keperra Quarry
Photo Credit: FrasierProperty.com.au

Future residents can look forward to a life where nature meets modern convenience. The Quarry will introduce a range of communal amenities, including the already popular cliffside staircase lookout and the resort-style ClubQ. This hub will include a 25m lap pool, sunset lounges, and a variety of spaces designed for entertainment, work, and relaxation. Further enhancements will include additional pools, a wellness centre, and a meditation room, ensuring a lifestyle of comfort and well-being.

Keperra Quarry
Photo Credit: FrasierProperty.com.au

A Legacy of Transformation

The development’s innovative approach extends beyond residential spaces. With 20 lots in the second land release, including 15 ridgeline view homesites, the project is carefully designed to integrate the natural landscape with the built environment. Homes will line tree-filled streets and beautifully landscaped areas, promising a future where the quarry’s industrial past becomes a distant memory.

Scheduled for home construction to commence in mid-2024, the Keperra Quarry transformation is a testament to the power of vision and commitment to community and environmental regeneration. As this project moves into its next phase, it stands as a shining example of how urban redevelopment can harmonize with nature, offering a blueprint for future transformations around the globe.

Published 20-March-2024

Former Quarry in Keperra to Become Site of 500 Resort-Style Homes

In an innovative construction project, nearly 500 new homes are being built in a former quarry site in Keperra.

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The $500 million development, called The Quarry, will feature 8 stages of resort-style residential housing with the first residents expected to move in early next year.

The development features a 25m lap pool, an interactive kids rock pool area with two additional pools, a barbecue pavilion, a kickaround area, and a wellness gym. In the future, there is a possibility of incorporating a neighbourhood centre and childcare facility.

Photo credit: Rothelowman

Situated amidst an iconic hillside, The Quarry offers breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding D’Aguilar Ranges, Glasshouse Mountains, and beyond. The community is expected to house approximately 1,500-1,800 people. 

Photo credit: Rothelowman

Frasers Property Australia, the project’s developer, commenced sales in June 2023 for 29 lots, which form part of the initial phase of development. The first stage of the project, designed by  Rothelowman includes a state-of-the-art recreational centre, valued at $5 million.

Within the Quarry masterplanned community, there will be a range of retail services available in the future. These services will include places where you can grab a coffee, shop for everyday necessities, and access childcare and other useful amenities.

Photo credit: Rothelowman

Reports indicate that land lots for Stage 1 of the development come with a price of  $580,000 to $850,000. The old quarry near Brisbane, which is less than 10km away, has been made suitable for the housing project.

The land lots within the development, totaling around 237, will allow buyers to select their own builders. Additionally, Frasers Property intends to construct approximately 250 townhomes.

Photo credit: Rothelowman

Stage three landlots are already taking shape, designed with tiered levels to optimise views for each resident. Construction is also underway for the stage four landlots, which will be integrated into the hillside.

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To officially launch the new masterplanned community, Frasers Property will host The Quarry Open Day on Saturday, 8 July, from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. The event will take place at 1004 Samford Rd, Keperra. Visit their website for event details & RSVP.

Published 22-August-2023