Urban Transformation: A New Chapter for Keperra Quarry

Keperra Quarry
Photo Credit: FrasierProperty.com.au

Did you know that the once-bustling Keperra Quarry is being transformed into a vibrant residential community?  Set approximately 9.5km from the CBD, this ambitious $500-million project is changing the landscape and setting a precedent for urban redevelopment. 

With the second phase of land release now in progress, this project combines historical significance with a futuristic vision for community living.

Phase Two: A Leap Towards Modern Living

The project’s second phase marks a significant step in the transformation of the 60-year-old gravel quarry. 

Scott Ullman, General Manager of Queensland Development at Frasers Property Australia, highlighted the uniqueness of the upcoming homesites. Nestled on the hillside, these sites offer expansive views of the D’Aguilar Range and beyond, presenting a rare opportunity for homeowners to immerse themselves in both the natural beauty and the historical essence of the area.

Community and Amenities at Heart

At the core of the Keperra Quarry project is a commitment to creating a community-centric environment. Upon completion, the development will feature approximately 500 homes surrounded by over 40% dedicated green spaces, including existing bushland and newly curated areas. More than 100,000 new plants and trees are set to be planted, emphasizing the project’s dedication to regeneration and sustainability.

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Keperra Quarry
Photo Credit: FrasierProperty.com.au

Future residents can look forward to a life where nature meets modern convenience. The Quarry will introduce a range of communal amenities, including the already popular cliffside staircase lookout and the resort-style ClubQ. This hub will include a 25m lap pool, sunset lounges, and a variety of spaces designed for entertainment, work, and relaxation. Further enhancements will include additional pools, a wellness centre, and a meditation room, ensuring a lifestyle of comfort and well-being.

Keperra Quarry
Photo Credit: FrasierProperty.com.au

A Legacy of Transformation

The development’s innovative approach extends beyond residential spaces. With 20 lots in the second land release, including 15 ridgeline view homesites, the project is carefully designed to integrate the natural landscape with the built environment. Homes will line tree-filled streets and beautifully landscaped areas, promising a future where the quarry’s industrial past becomes a distant memory.

Scheduled for home construction to commence in mid-2024, the Keperra Quarry transformation is a testament to the power of vision and commitment to community and environmental regeneration. As this project moves into its next phase, it stands as a shining example of how urban redevelopment can harmonize with nature, offering a blueprint for future transformations around the globe.

Published 20-March-2024