Upper Kedron Road Multiple-Dwelling Project Sees Updated Plans

Upper Kedron Road
Photo credit: ReziCAD

The developers of a multiple-dwelling project at Upper Kedron Road in Ferny Grove have recently made amendments to the previously approved plans for the site.

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The changes, rendered by architects at ReziCAD, would primarily focus on improving the construction and functionality of the townhouses, located at 181 Upper Kedron Rd.

The original split-level design, which featured garages and living areas on the same floor level, will be modified. This alteration simplifies the construction process and offers a more affordable housing option. 

181 Upper Kedron Road (Photo credit:Google Street View)

Currently, four residential townhouses have been completed as part of the project, which will be carried out in stages. Stage 1 involves units 1-4, Stage 2 includes units 11-16 and 23-25, and Stage 3 encompasses units 5-10 and 17-22. 

Upper Kedron Road
Photo credit: ReziCAD

The requested changes in this application specifically apply to Stages 2 and 3 of the approved development. Stage 1, which is situated on the northern boundary of the site, has been successfully constructed, completed, and is currently operational.

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The amendments to the project include seeking modified interior and exterior materials, the removal of the split-level design in Units 17-22, the implementation of permeable vehicle and active transport networks, the creation of shared access ways through laneways, the establishment of pathway connectivity and picnic places, and the addition of 11 visitor car park spaces.

According to planners at Wolter Consulting Group, the proposed changes to the building’s facade will enhance its aesthetic appeal by updating it to align with current preferences. 

Upper Kedron Road
Photo credit: ReziCAD

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“The proposed changes result primarily from a change in ownership of the land. The new developers wish to incorporate their own townhouse product and make more efficient use of the land,” Wolter Consulting Group noted.

To learn more about the revised plans, visit Brisbane City Council’s website with the reference A006244569.

Published 21-June-2023