Labrador Retrievers Reign Supreme as The Gap’s Top Dog

Labrador Retrievers are firmly in the spotlight in The Gap, where recent data reveals an abundance of these beloved canines, solidifying their position as the top dog in the leafy enclave.

According to recent data compiled by Ray White analyst Jemima White from Brisbane City Council animal registrations, Labradors is the city’s top dog, with a remarkable presence in several suburbs, particularly in The Gap.

The report highlights The Gap as a Labrador haven, boasting 2085 registered Labs, showcasing the breed’s popularity in sprawling house blocks. However, Labradors aren’t solely confined to The Gap; they’re a beloved presence stretching across various suburbs from Alderley to Annerley and beyond.

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The analysis also sheds light on other popular breeds in Brisbane, revealing that while Labradors dominate, breeds like Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Border Collies also enjoy substantial representation. These insights not only provide a glimpse into Brisbane’s dog culture but also reflect the preferences of residents and the housing dynamics of different areas.

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Jemima White noted that suburbs with higher populations of young families and relatively affordable median property prices tend to be the hotspots for dog ownership. These areas offer amenities like parks, schools, and easy access to the city, making them ideal for families with furry companions.

Real estate agents are also witnessing a shift in priorities among house hunters, with many considering their pets’ needs when searching for a new home. For instance, Ray White Sherwood agent Lisette Schults-Rand highlighted the importance of accommodating pets like her office companion, Steve, who contributes to a positive work environment with his friendly demeanour.

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council

However, amid this canine craze, there’s a sobering reality. The housing crisis in Brisbane has impacted pet owners, leading to an increase in surrender rates at animal shelters like the Animal Welfare League Queensland. Rising living costs and limited rental options have forced some to part with their beloved pets, underscoring the challenges faced by both humans and their furry friends in these uncertain times.

As Brisbane continues to evolve, so does its relationship with its four-legged residents. While Labradors may reign supreme for now, the ever-changing landscape of pet ownership reflects broader societal trends and challenges, reminding us of the importance of compassion and understanding in our communities.

Published Date 25-March-2024

The Gap Neighborhood Plan Update: Final Draft Now Up for Review

Following a series of amendments, the Brisbane City Council has already submitted the revised The Gap Neighbourhood Plan to the Queensland Government for final review.

BCC developed the plan to coordinate land use and infrastructure and protect the things the community values.

The neighbourhood plan, which was created to help make Brisbane’s Future Blueprint a reality, may result in additional changes after the review.

The Gap Neighbourhood Plan Timeline

The Gap neighbourhood plan boundary (Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council)

The Gap Neighborhood Plan will form a general guideline for future developments in the area.

Mid-2016 to 2017

From mid-2016 onwards, Council formed a Community Planning Team to develop the draft neighbourhood plan strategy. BCC learned about the issues and concerns of the locals thru an online survey.

Based on the community feedback, leading concerns include the need for improvement to bicycle ways and footpaths, appropriate development densities, better public transport services, and improved traffic flow and main road decongestion.

The Gap is not expected to change significantly over the next 10 years. However, there is a need to provide different sizes and types of homes in the suburb so that younger people, older people, and people with different household sizes can all find housing that suits their needs.

October 2017

BCC released the draft strategy document that will guide the creation of a neighbourhood plan for The Gap. The Council finalised and published the strategy after gathering all comments from the community.

Proposed changes

The amendment package consists of the following key components:

  • The Gap neighbourhood plan code – The village precinct is intended to encourage the revitalisation of The Gap Village shopping centre as a place for the community to shop, recreate and work, and encourage a high-quality pedestrian environment and pleasant urban streetscape. It also covers potential development areas precinct or sites are currently zoned emerging community and are proposed to be rezoned to low-density residential.
  • Land use zoning – There are several proposed zone changes in the amendment package to ensure that the zoning suitably reflects the desired land use outcomes for the area.
  • Supporting changes to overlays – The amendment package proposes changes to the significant landscape tree overlay to include an additional 11 established trees and dwelling house character overlay to reflect properties which have been rezoned for residential uses.

Early 2018

The Council prepared to amend City Plan based on community input and further technical reviews of the area. The Queensland Government completed a state interest review and approved the draft plan for public notification and final community submissions.

30 July-10 September 2018

The Council released the draft statutory neighbourhood plan for final community submissions. Anyone who lives, works, or owns a property in the area was encouraged to have their say on the plan.

Late 2018

BCC considered changes to the draft neighbourhood plan following a review of the submissions. The Queensland Government will then complete a second state interest review.

Late 2018 to early 2019

Once approved by the Queensland Government, Council will adopt the neighbourhood plan and add it to Brisbane City Plan 2014.

Council said it will also release further information on other activities and opportunities that the community can get involved with to further progress the vision for The Gap’s future.

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The Gap Neighbourhood Plan – What’s Happened So Far and How to Get Involved

As Brisbane City Council continues to create a neighbourhood plan for the suburb of The Gap, the community is urged to get involved in the process.

The Gap Neighbourhood Plan will form a general guideline for future developments in the area. The plan aims to strike a balance by spurring economic activity while maintaining the suburban lifestyle of locals.

So far, the council has reached out to members of the community via an online survey to get a better idea of what the community wants to see happen in the area. A Community Planning Team has also been formed in 2016 to develop a draft neighbourhood plan strategy, which is expected to be released in mid-2017.

Coverage of the Neighbourhood Plan

(Source: Brisbane City Council)

Main Issues and Concerns

Through the online survey conducted from May 2016 to August 2016, the city council found the issues and concerns that are most important to residents in The Gap.

Top concerns include:

  • Improved traffic flow and main road decongestion
  • Better public transport services
  • Need for improvements to bicycle ways and footpaths
  • Maintenance of parks and open spaces
  • Appropriate development densities

In general, locals will like to have more natural green spaces, easy access to parks and play areas for children, quiet and peaceful areas, and bushland character.

Next Steps

The planning team will release the neighbourhood plan strategy to test the ideas raised by the team and the council’s technical studies. Locals will have a chance to comment on the strategy presented.

After receiving community feedback, the council will start preparing the draft neighbourhood plan during the latter part of 2017. This plan will then be reviewed by the Queensland Government.

In mid-2018, the draft neighbourhood plan will become part of Brisbane City Plan 2014.

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