Why It’s Best to Shop for Kids’ Christmas Gifts at Enoggera’s K and K Creative Toys

Photo Credit: K and K Creative Toys/Facebook

Shopping must be high up on your to-do list in the next few weeks with the holidays fast approaching. But if you’re pressed for time and you need Christmas gifts for kids, you’ll likely find it all in one sweep at the K and K Creative Toys in Enoggera.  

K and K Creative Toys is the preferred place for parents looking to buy toys, books and games for their kids. Their inventory boasts items you won’t easily find anywhere else, including toys you’ve played as a child. 

This wonderful store, which has been trading since 1964 and is currently under the proprietorship of Lorraine Hayes, specialises in interesting and unique educational toys that allow children to learn whilst having fun. 

Photo Credit: K and K Creative Toys/Facebook

“Young Australians’ early knowledge of the concepts and actions which are the cornerstones of education and learning, is largely based on experience,” Ms Hayes said. 

“Whether that’s through playing with their toes in the crib, tugging on mum’s hair, unpacking the kitchen cupboard, trying to ‘taste’ the garden soil, or their habit of constantly asking ‘why?’– Clearly, play is one of education’s best tools,” she added. 

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In time for the holidays, K and K Creative Toys has released its Christmas Catalogue in-store and online for your Christmas gift shopping.

Photo Credit: K and K Creative Toys/Facebook

Shopping at their website during this season affords customers with free shipping for orders over $125. However, there’s a good reason to also visit their brick-and-mortar store at 196 Wardell Street as K and K Creative Toys has its free gift-wrapping services. 

K and K Creative Toys opens Monday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The store doesn’t have operations on Sunday. If you have any questions or you’re looking for a special item, you may also email Ms Hayes at toys@kandkcreativetoys.com.au.