Upper Kedron Residents and Minister Exasperated by Delays in Ellendale Bridge Opening

Ellendale Bridge
Photo Credit: BCC

Residents in Upper Kedron are outraged by a prolonged two-year delay in obtaining approval to open a new bridge in the rapidly growing Ellendale estate. 

Locals of the burgeoning northside community are currently compelled to take a 5-kilometre detour to visit relatives mere hundreds of meters away, due to the prolonged delay in securing a road reserve permit. 

One local shared that she has to take a long detour to visit her son-in-law who lives on the other side of the bridge. Max Crane, a spokesperson for the Ferny Grove & Upper Kedron Residents Association, criticized the project’s applications, which have led to inefficiencies and real-life consequences for residents.

The Brisbane City Council, however, attributes the delay to the developer, Cedar Woods Properties (CWP), for not submitting necessary plans and certifications promptly. CWP has responded by stating it expects the bridge to open within six to eight weeks following a fast-tracked approval process by the Department of Resources.

Ellendale Bridge
Photo Credit: BCC

The company also confirmed the recent opening of Levitt Rd and Minnie St, following upgrades linked to the bridge construction. The company emphasised that the Brockman Rd bridge serves as a secondary, not primary, access point to the estate, underscoring their commitment to safety by installing bollards to restrict access during the approval process. 

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Agriculture Minister Mark Furner has echoed the frustration among the community members. He has openly criticized the Council for its sluggish response in applying for the necessary approvals. According to him, the delay could have been avoided had the Council acted more promptly. Despite the Council’s claim of persistent reminders to CWP, the essential application for road reserve was only lodged in late April 2024, long after the bridge’s construction was completed.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from the Department of Resources acknowledged the application’s receipt and emphasised its priority status. As the administrative processes for registering the new roads and bridges near completion, CWP, in collaboration with the Council, is gearing up for the eventual bridge opening.

Published 17-June-2024