Did You Know That The Gap Had Over 2,000 Potholes After the 2022 Brisbane Floods?

Pothole fillings
Photo Credit: Ian Taylor/Unsplash

Did you know that The Gap has had 2,653 potholes filled in the six-month period following the February 2022 floods in Brisbane?

Council data shows that Hemmant, Pinkenba, Wynnum, Eagle Farm, and Moggill also had more than 2,000 pothole fillings during the same period. 

Kim Marx, the civic cabinet chair, said that Brisbane had a record 70,461 potholes as of the end of August 2022, due to the extraordinary amount of rain when usual pothole fillings comprise about 80,000 per year. 

“Crews are out working hard across the suburbs to respond, and we appreciate the efforts of residents reporting issues to us,” Ms Marx said

Brisbane City Council also said that an average of 400 potholes a day needed to be filled after the February floods, as some road pavements have become compressed by the rain and floodwaters, thus weakening their quality.  

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The rebuilding continues as there is an allocated $40 million budget for road repairs and Council has dedicated crews working to inspect and restore the roads that locals have reported. 

Engineers Australia General Manager Stacey Rawlings said that better preventive measures should be adopted instead of simply patching potholes. She recommended adding a waterproof bitumen layer on the asphalt, either on top or below, to lessen the cracks. This solution might be costly for Council but it’s better long-term, especially for busy roads and older roads. 

She also suggested road repairs that are resilient to flooding, such as using high-quality materials, adding effective water and surface drainage, as well as frequent maintenance of these systems. 

For reports about potholes, locals may phone 3407 0566 or the Call Centre at 3403 8888.