The Gap Cubbyhouse Montessori Installs CO2 Monitoring Devices to Curb Virus Spread

The Gap Cubbyhouse

To ensure the health and safety of the children from airborne diseases, The Gap Cubbyhouse Montessori has invested and installed quality carbon dioxide monitoring devices in its facilities. 

Sue-Ling Lau, the director of the facility, said that they want all of the classrooms monitored for CO2 levels so the school can “make informed decisions” when it comes to COVID-19. 

Ms Lau believes air purifiers and opening the windows will also help keep the air cleaner but knowing the air quality in all areas of the centre will provide more safety options to benefit the kids. 

Classrooms with poor air quality may also affect the children’s cognitive ability and productivity, with the kids feeling more tired and groggy than normal. So, The Gap Cubbyhouse Montessori decided to partner with Brisbane-based IAQ monitoring solutions, Zeplin and Thinxtra, to monitor and maintain the site’s air quality, optimum temperature and humidity levels.

Zeplin’s solutions are battery-powered sensors with little or no maintenance for five years. These work to collect data necessary for learning the air quality in the childcare cente. The data is then transmitted to Thinxtra’s network which Lau can access remotely. 

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Photo Credit: TheGapCubbyhouse/Facebook
Photo Credit: TheGapCubbyhouse/Facebook

Ms Lau said that if she’s not on the site, she can still monitor and receive notifications about the air quality of the facility. With real-time data, Ms Lau and the staff may direct the kids to safer corners or move outside if the ventilation indoors is not ideal for learning. 

Until the school had the monitors, Ms Lau said they didn’t realise how fast the CO2 levels rose in The Gap. 

“Initially, we were getting alerts several times per day but now need less with procedures in place to increase airflow,” Ms Lau said. “Our trigger point is 800 parts per million (ppm) – which is an acceptable level of CO2. Complaints of drowsiness and poor air quality start once CO2 exceeds 1000ppm.”

As a result of these installations, parents feel more confident sending their kids to the childcare centre. 

The Gap Cubbyhouse Montessori also does deep cleaning regularly. Their staff also follow the recommended health and safety protocols of the Queensland Government.