Bureaucratic Delays Stifle Suburban Growth in Upper Kedron: The Unopened Bridge

Upper Kedron Bridge

Residents in a fast-growing housing estate in Upper Kedron are facing significant disruptions due to bureaucratic delays that have kept a brand-new bridge closed to the public for over six months.

Daily Inconveniences

The bridge, built by developer Cedar Woods Properties and dubbed by locals as the “Never Never Open Bridge,” was intended to provide a second entry and exit point for the estate, easing commutes and reducing travel time for local residents. The prolonged closure of the bridge, currently barricaded, has forced residents to take longer routes, increasing travel times and causing daily inconveniences. 

Local businesses are also feeling the pinch. The delayed bridge opening has meant less foot traffic and fewer customers for shops and services within the estate. Business owners are concerned that prolonged delays could lead to a decline in revenue and ultimately affect the viability of their operations. 

The community feels the absence of this critical infrastructure in their daily lives, and the economic repercussions are becoming more apparent.

Safety concerns are another issue arising from the delay. With only one entry and exit point, emergency response times could be affected, posing a risk to residents in emergencies. The blocked bridge also forces more traffic onto the existing routes, increasing the likelihood of accidents and congestion.

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Timeline of Administrative Delays

October 2022

  • The Queensland Department of Resources provided pre-lodgement advice to relevant stakeholders, highlighting the requirement to submit an application to dedicate state land as a road.

November 2023

  • Cedar Woods Properties lodged an application with the Brisbane City Council to create a road reserve for the newly constructed bridge.

April 2024

  • The Department of Resources received the application from Brisbane City Council, despite regulations being highlighted two years prior.
  • Brisbane City Council completed the application to the Queensland Government for consent.

June 2024

  • Approval for the land transfer was received from the State Government.
  • Brisbane City Council insisted that all required documentation to open the bridge was supplied to the developer two years ago, but the developer only finalised it this year.
  • The Department of Resources expedited the application process and is now working with the Brisbane City Council to finalise it.

Expected Timeline

  • Registration and opening of the bridge are anticipated to take 4-6 weeks from June 2024, once the administrative processes are completed.

Proposed Solutions and Reforms

Comparing Upper Kedron’s situation to other suburbs facing similar issues provides insight into how such problems can be addressed. In other regions, streamlined processes and better communication between developers and government agencies have helped expedite approvals and reduce delays. 

Experts suggest several solutions to mitigate such delays in the future. These include:

Improved Coordination: Enhancing coordination between developers, local councils, and state governments to ensure all parties are aligned.

Streamlined Approval Processes: Simplifying and speeding up approval processes to prevent prolonged delays.

Transparent Communication: Keeping the community informed about the status of projects and any issues that arise to maintain trust and cooperation.

Accountability Measures: Implementing accountability measures to ensure that delays are promptly addressed and resolved.

The residents of Upper Kedron remain hopeful that the bureaucratic hurdles will soon be overcome, allowing them to fully enjoy the benefits of the new bridge and the improved connectivity it promises. 

Published 8-July-2024