The Gap Tops List of Worst Rat-Infested Suburbs

The Gap rat catcher

The Council rodent detection squad has gotten busier than ever after the average calls for rat removal ballooned from 600 to nearly 1,000 a year and The Gap tops the list of the worst rat-infested suburbs with 17 calls in the previous year.

A report also cited that Sunnybank Hills emerged second on the list of worst rat-infested suburbs with 12 calls whilst Bracken Ridge closely followed with 11 calls. Moorooka, Carindale and Wavell Heights had nine calls each.  

Cr Kim Marx said that homeowners may be contributing to the rat infestation if they make it a habit to leave food outdoors, especially for their pets. Rodents bring diseases but also cause physical damage to properties, especially electrical wirings in vehicles, according to Kris Kozera, a Council rodent control officer. Mr Kozera has been training fox terriers for the rodent detection squad and recently brought in Molly, a five-month-old pup for a hunt.

The rodent detection squad usually visits 1,500 homes a year for inspections and calls. The inspections are free but dealing with an infestation, once discovered, may be a costly but needed investment. 

Brisbane City Council has had a rodent detection squad since the 1900s when the city was plagued with rats.

Tower Ad
Rat catcher 1900s
Photo Credit: Rat Catcher ad from 1925/National Library of Australia
Rat Catcher brisbane
Photo Credit: Rat Detection Squad in the 1940s/Brisbane City Council

Meanwhile, Council advises homeowners to rat-proof their homes and properties by keeping things tidy. Bins must be secured well outside whilst leftover foods must be kept and stored properly indoors. 

Holes and any blockages at home should be regularly checked and repaired if needed as rats can squeeze into these areas. Better yet, place metal gauze on exposed pipe openings to restrict the rats from going in.  

If there are overhanging tree branches on the roof of a house, these should be trimmed as soon as possible so that rats can’t enter the roof cavity. 

For additional rat-proofing tips, visit the Council’s official site

Published 23 March 2023