The Gap State High School Cuts Maths & Science Classes

The Gap State High School

Despite the school administration’s best efforts, one of the largest high schools in Brisbane, The Gap State High School, had to cut its maths and sciences classes due to a shortage of teachers. 

Parents of the students of the school on Waterworks Road were informed in late May 2021 that their children could attend before or after school tutorials in place of actual classes in maths and sciences as they’ve been experiencing an overwhelming number of teachers with “unforeseen medical and health conditions.” 

In 2021 alone, at least six science teachers took charge of the classes at The Gap State High School, which has been an unusual turnover. 

Principal Anne McLauchlan also informed the parents that they are “struggling to recruit suitable staff,” a problem that of late has not been unique to the school.

According to Queensland Teachers’ Union president Cresta Richardson, there has been a shortage of maths, science and specialised STEM teachers across the regional schools, especially for educational institutions with a large student body such as The Gap SHS.

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Ms Richardson also explained that whilst school officials carefully carry out the planning, teaching and assessments every term, the schools will still need to be resourced appropriately. Sontract teachers are another challenge altogether, however, especially if they have to go on leaves because of a medical issue.

To help address the shortage, the State Government has launched paid internship program called Turn to Teaching. The program is open to professionals who want to change careers and consider getting their teaching qualifications. The program hopes to bring in 300 people, who could become permanently employed as teachers.