The Gap Neighbourhood Plan: Final Call for Submissions

The Gap Neighbourhood Plan
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Facebook

The Gap local residents have until 5 P.M. 10 September 2018 to let their voice be heard regarding the proposed The Gap Neighbourhood Plan. The Brisbane City Council started the neighbourhood planning process last April 2016 and prepared the draft neighbourhood plan following feedback from residents.

The Gap Neighbourhood Plan will serve to guide future developments whilst maintaining The Gap community’s suburban lifestyle and character. No significant growth in population of The Gap is expected in the next ten years. It is still deemed necessary, however, to create a neighbourhood plan to guide future developments in the area.

The neighbourhood plan draft is in keeping with the Brisbane City Council’s vision for “a well-planned, liveable and efficiently serviced city.” The neighbourhood plan will refine City Plan through proposed amendments including the Village precinct, identification of potential development areas, and zone changes.

The Gap Neighbourhood Plan Boundary
The Gap neighborhood Plan boundary
Photo credit:Brisbane City Council/Facebook
The Gap Neighbourhood Plan Proposed Village Precinct
Photo credit:Brisbane City Council/Facebook
The Gap Neighbourhood Plan Proposed Development Areas
Photo credit:Brisbane City Council/Facebook
The Gap Neighbourhood Plan Proposed Zone Changes
Photo credit:Brisbane City Council/Facebook

Here Is How to Lodge Your Submission:

  1. You can download the factsheet about how to make a submission or download information about City Plan terms and concepts.
  2. Read the full draft of the neighbourhood plan.
  3. Find out how the draft plan might affect you.
  4. You can lodge your submission online by 5 p.m. Monday 10 September 2018.

The council cannot consider feedback over the phone or in person as formal feedback at this stage of the process, as the neighbourhood plan is a legal document.

The Gap Neighbourhood Plan Timeline

Mid-2016 to 2017-Background research

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  • 900 online survey responses
  • Community Planning Team meetings
  • Information kiosks on 20 and 21 September 2016.

October 2017-Release of draft strategy document

  • 47 submissions made by letter, email or in-person at kiosks
  • 173 comments via online form and interactive mapping tool
  • 642 votes via the interactive map
  • one Community Planning Team meeting
  • four information kiosks in November and December 2017.

Early 2018-First draft of neighbourhood plan

  • Council prepared a draft neighbourhood plan to amend City Plan based on community input and further technical reviews of the area.
  • The Queensland Government completed a state interest review and approved the draft plan for public notification and final community submissions.

Current stage-Submissions period

  • Release of the draft statutory neighbourhood plan for final community submissions
  • Submission period is until 5pm, Monday 10 September 2018.

Late 2018

  • Council will consider changes to the draft neighbourhood plan following a review of the submissions.
  • The Queensland Government will then complete a second state interest review.

Late 2018 to early 2019

  • Adoption of the statutory neighbourhood plan and inclusion in Brisbane City Plan 2014.
  • Council will also release further information on other activities and opportunities that the community can get involved with to further progress the vision for The Gap’s future.

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