The Gap Gym Raises Fund on Open Day

Ritual HQ in The Gap has held a successful open day fundraising February 4, with charity money going to the education of underprivileged children in Tanzania.

The open day fundraising included car wash for $20, lots of fun activities, raffles, kid games and fitness contests. According to Ritual HQ’s Facebook page, they managed to raise around $1500 from the event.

All proceeds from the charity day will go to YES Arusha, a Brisbane-based non-profit organisation supporting the education of some 56 students at Haradali Primary and Secondary Schools.

YES Arusha partners with groups and individuals who wish to sponsor a kid’s education. Aside from education sponsorship and support, the non-profit group also provides a safe haven to children traveling long distances to attend school.

Visit YES Arusha’s website if you wish to find out more about their charity work.

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