The Gap Among Brisbane Suburbs At High Risk Of Tick Infestation

tick infestation
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Being surrounded by trees and bushland, The Gap is one of the suburbs in Brisbane at high risk of tick infestation, as Australia faces a shortage of tick serum amidst its worst tick season in years. 

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Tick infestation is considered as a year-round threat, but the peak season normally occurs during warmer months. 

According to the Australian Veterinary Association, the Australia-wide shortage of tick paralysis antiserum is a result of sudden increase in demand due to tick resurgence with the change of weather.

“There are anecdotal reports that there may have been some complacency in tick prevention by owners during the winter and drought in many locations, leaving many animals unprotected,” AVA said.

Because of the strong demand recently, a manufacturer in Lismore, NSW, the only remaining bulk manufacturer for serums in Australia is already at full production capacity.

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tick infestation
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The past floods in northern NSW, which also affected Lismore, was also seen as one of the reasons for the manufacturer’s reduced production of tick serums.

Supplies of tick serums, according to vets, could take weeks to arrive gradually into surgeries. Many vets throughout the country have been informed that the next supplies could reach clinics by late November to early December 2022.

What Pet Owners Can Do For Now 

tick infestation
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Whilst tick serums are not yet available, the best thing pet parents can do is to consistently work on preventing ticks. As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure.

The best method to spot and get rid of any ticks promptly is to continue checking your dogs and cats for ticks. They are commonly found on the head and ears, though they may also appear under the tail or in nasal passages.

Tick infestation can be life-threatening if not prevented. Fortunately, there are already many kinds of treatments already available in the market. Some known preventive drugs in Australia include Simparica, Bravecto, and Nexgard.

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Although these medications are easy to administer, vets remind pet owners to be diligent in using these drugs, and that missing their scheduled treatment even just for days, can be harmful.