Honeybee Haven: Sweet Start to Community Building in The Quarry

Frasers Property Australia’s $500 million master-planned community, The Quarry, in Keperra is creating a buzz with its first inhabitants – not homeowners, but honeybees. With The Quarry Bee Project, approximately 240,000 European bees have taken up residence in the development, marking an innovative approach to community building and environmental stewardship.

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The Quarry Bee Project takes flight

The Keperra Quarry Bee Project, managed by urban beekeeping group Bee One Third, has installed eight European beehives at The Quarry. Jack Stone, Director of Bee One Third, explains, “These industrious bees are integral to the local ecosystem and venture up to 5 km from their hives at The Quarry, pollinating gardens, parks, forests, and supporting the blossoming Keperra community.”

The bees are expected to produce between 200-300 kg of honey annually, creating a unique local blend that reflects the area’s biodiversity. This initiative serves multiple purposes:

  1. Supporting local pollination
  2. Producing distinctively local honey
  3. Contributing to ecological health
  4. Enhancing community engagement
  5. Aiding in environmental monitoring

Community engagement and education

The Quarry - School Holiday Program 1
Photo Credit: Supplied

The Quarry is leveraging the bee project for community outreach. Recent school holiday programs have featured the bees, offering families educational activities such as beeswax candle crafting and watercolour painting. The honey produced is being donated to local schools for fundraising and to the nearby Keperra Sanctuary Aged Care facility.

The Quarry - School Holiday Program 2
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Scott Ullman, General Manager Queensland Development at Frasers Property Australia, reports strong interest in The Quarry since its launch in Winter 2023. The first release of 29 lots has sold out, with subsequent releases also selling rapidly. When complete, The Quarry will feature approximately 500 residences and extensive amenities for residents.

Looking ahead

The Quarry
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As the Keperra Quarry winds down its 60-year granite mining operation, the new development is set to transform the area. Located just 9.5 kilometres northwest of Brisbane’s CBD, The Quarry aims to become a vibrant community that balances modern living with environmental consciousness.

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The introduction of beehives as The Quarry’s first residents symbolises the development’s commitment to sustainability and community integration. As human residents prepare to move in, they can look forward to being part of a unique ecosystem where urban living and nature coexist harmoniously.

Published 22-June-2024