Grassroots Grants Give The Gap Little Athletics a Head Start

The Coles Little Athletics Community Fund has announced its latest round of grants, benefiting forty grassroots Little Athletics centres across Australia, including The Gap State High School’s Little Athletics Centre.

The Gap centre has been awarded more than $2,600 to purchase a defibrillator to ensure the safety of its aspiring athletes and parent volunteers.

Coles Little Athletics Community Fund Support

Coles Group, in partnership with its Little Athletics Community Fund, continues to invest in the development and safety of young athletes across the nation. This year’s grants, totalling over $150,000, will enable Little Athletics centres to procure essential equipment, including hurdles, mats, shot puts, laptops, and defibrillators.

The Coles Little Athletics Community Fund, established in 2018, has now contributed more than $2.4 million to support 469 Little Athletics clubs and centres.

The Gap State High School’s Grant

The Gap State High School’s Little Athletics Centre is one of the proud recipients of this grant. The centre, founded in 1977 as one of the first Little Athletics Centres in Queensland, recognises the importance of the health and safety of all participants. 

The Gap Little Athletics
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According to Centre Manager Craig Preston, they identified a significant safety gap when they realised that the nearest defibrillator was located in a neighbouring shopping centre. Hence, the Coles grant of $2,666.50 will be used to invest in an on-site defibrillator, ensuring that safety remains paramount for all local athletes.

“When we identified that the nearest defibrillator to our centre was located in the neighbouring shopping centre we knew we needed to use the Coles grant to invest in having one on site. Safety is paramount to us here at The Gap and a defibrillator should be a compulsory safety item for clubs where people are gathering for physical activity.”

The Gap Little Athletics
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Former Little Athlete and Coles ambassador, Jaryd Clifford, highlighted the significance of having the right equipment for young athletes. He emphasised how grant programs like the Coles Little Athletics Community Fund relieve the burden on volunteers, allowing them to focus on helping athletes succeed rather than spending their time and energy on fundraising for essential equipment.

The Coles Little Athletics Banana A-Peel

The announcement of these grant recipients coincides with the launch of the Coles Little Athletics Banana A-Peel campaign, beginning on National Banana Day, Wednesday, 18 October. Coles, in collaboration with Aussie banana growers, will donate 10 cents for every kilogram of Cavendish bananas sold during the campaign, up to a maximum of $150,000. These funds will be directed towards the next round of grants to help even more clubs and centres purchase new equipment.

Coles Little Athletics Australia CEO, Myles Foreman, praised the positive impact of the Coles Little Athletics Community Fund over the past five years, making volunteering easier for parents and providing young athletes with appropriate and safe equipment for all ages and abilities. He encouraged Coles customers to support the fund by purchasing bananas during this year’s Little Athletics Banana A-Peel.

In addition to the substantial grants, Coles has also donated over 3.9 million bananas to help fuel young athletes since 2017. This combined effort ensures that little athletes in The Gap and across the nation are equipped for success and safety as they pursue their athletic dreams.

Published 24-Oct-2023