Enoggera Scout Achieves Coveted Baden-Powell Award

Enoggera Scout Dan Boyd Baden-Powell Award
Photo Credit: Dan Boyd

Dan Boyd of the Enoggera Scout Group received the esteemed Baden-Powell Scout Award, the highest honour in Australian Scouting.

The Baden-Powell Scout Award is a major milestone in the journey of a Rover Scouts journey.

As a Scout, one of Dan’s major achievements was his leadership role in organising a program that united 400 Brisbane youth who relied solely on public transport.

His dedication to community service was highlighted when he spent time at a community garden in Mitchelton, exemplifying the Scouting spirit of giving back.

Dan’s adventurous spirit was also put to the test during an intense four-day trek through Conandale National Park, where his outdoor skills were on display.

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Remarkably, Dan won the award whilst also doing his master’s thesis on microplastic pollution at QUT and working full-time.

The Enoggera Scout Group is very proud of Dan’s achievements and eagerly awaits his next endeavour.

Dan Boyd’s remarkable journey to achieving the Baden-Powell Scout Award is a testament to the enduring values ​​of Scouting. His story inspires the people of Enoggera to embrace dedication, perseverance and personal growth. Dan’s achievement is a shining example of the positive impact of Scouting and community service in today’s world.

Published 22-October-2023