Claire’s Cottage Champions Inclusivity and Strength in Brisbane’s Great Tram Pull Event

Participants with disabilities are gearing up for an incredible display of strength and unity as they prepare to take on a monumental challenge in Brisbane’s second annual Brisbane’s Great Tram Pull Event.

Organized by Claire’s Cottage, a small family-owned NDIS registered organisation based in Ferny Hills, this event aims to break down stereotypes surrounding disabilities and showcase the remarkable capabilities of individuals with diverse abilities.

Last year, Claire’s Cottage made headlines when their team of disabled clients pulled a one-tonne tram up a 50-meter incline in just 23 seconds, finishing second only to a team of crossfit enthusiasts. This year, they’re back with even more determination, fielding two teams featuring participants with autism, Down syndrome, and even a woman who is legally blind.

Great Tram Pull Event  Claire's Cottage
Photo Credit: Claire’s Cottage/Facebook

At the heart of this event lies the celebration of inclusivity and empowerment. Claire’s Cottage Manager of People and Culture, Julie Gerstel, highlighted the significance of challenging stereotypes and empowering their participants. She noted that last year’s event was a remarkable moment that shattered preconceived notions about people with disabilities, showcasing their extraordinary capabilities.

Claire’s Cottage Director, Claire McCourtie shared the motivation behind starting the service provider. It began with her twin daughters, Betsy and Emma, who were diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. 

As they grew older and left school, Claire realised that there were limited opportunities for individuals with needs falling between the high and low ends of disability programs offered by larger organisations. 

This led to the creation of Claire’s Cottage, which now focuses on building skills, self-esteem, and even finding employment opportunities for their clients.

Great Tram Pull Event
Photo Credit: CrSteveToomey/Facebook

Brisbane’s Great Tram Pull Event has gained significant traction since its inception, with 16 teams signed up this year compared to just six last year. Claire’s Cottage will compete against 15 other “able-bodied” teams, including powerlifters, crossfitters, and members from various local sports clubs.

The event is not just about physical strength but about pushing boundaries and inspiring others to believe in their limitless potential.

The event is scheduled to take place at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, 24 Sept 2023, at the Brisbane Tramway Museum located at 20 Tramway Street, Ferny Grove. 

This year’s event promises to be a celebration of diversity, strength, and unity, proving once again that individuals with disabilities are more than capable of taking on extraordinary challenges and leaving a lasting impact on their community.

Published 19-Sept-2023

Ferny Grove Central Opening Pushed to Late 2024

The opening of the highly anticipated Ferny Grove Central development has been pushed back over a year from the original expected completion date, with the new timeline looking likely to stretch into late 2024.

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Developer Honeycombes Property Group has confirmed from its contractor Broad Construction that the mixed-use project is now slated for completion in the third quarter of 2024, over a year past the initial August 2023 target.

Construction on the sizable development first kicked off in June 2021, with residents and businesses eagerly awaiting the project’s completion. However, widespread industry challenges have hampered progress.

ferny grove central
Artist’s visualisation of the mixed-use development (Photo credit: Broad Construction)

“A number of factors have come together to create a perfect storm” Honeycombes Property Group stated in a letter sent to the Ferny Grove community, citing labour and material shortages, severe weather events, and pandemic-related supply chain disruptions as the primary obstacles.

“To achieve the above timeframes, we are dependent on the builder maintaining program and we advise these dates are approximate as at April 2023,” the developer added. 

Most buyers of the Fernery apartment units, which are part of the mixed-use development, were believed to have rejected refund offers despite their frustrations, as finding alternative housing solutions with builders and materials remains extremely difficult in the region.

Artist’s visualisation of The Fernery (Photo credit: The Fernery/Facebook)

Honeycombes has assured buyers that they are actively voicing concerns about construction delays to Broad Construction, who was engaged to design and construct the project. In the meantime, businesses and residents will have to continue waiting for the project to come to fruition.

About the Ferny Grove Central

Ferny Grove Central
Photo credit: Broad Construction

With an estimated price tag of $140 million, Ferny Grove Central stands as one of the largest and most eagerly awaited retail, cinema, and residential developments in Brisbane. 

The vision for the project is to build a vibrant local village that brings together a full-size Woolworths, childcare facilities, medical offices, restaurants, and more.

Ferny Grove Central
Photo credit: The Fernery/Facebook

The project, located right next to the Ferny Grove train station, will also feature new transportation infrastructure, pedestrian-friendly outdoor plazas, covered parking, and enhanced vehicle and pedestrian routes. 

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A highlight is The Fernery, a collection of one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments situated amidst landscaped grounds. With its mix of amenities, services, housing, and public spaces, Ferny Grove Central aims to become a thriving hub and community gathering spot for the neighbourhood.

Published 7-August-2023

Full-Service Cinebar to Open at $140-M Ferny Grove Central Development

Photo Credit: Ferny Grove Central

Construction of the $140-million development of Ferny Grove Central is well underway and Cinebar has secured a 15-year lease as its cinema operator. 

Set to open in late 2023, Cinebar will occupy a 2,100-sqm space with six screens to cater to over 400 viewers at a time. The site will also have its own bar and restaurant, with a state-of-the-art kitchen and a liquor licence, to provide a gold-class experience for moviegoers.

Cinebar is a rebrand of The Blue Room, which started in 2005 in Rosalie. Following the pandemic, co-owner David Taylor said that they had to elevate their service to compete with streamers and other video-on-demand platforms. 

The Ferny Grove Central outlet will be a reflection “of the lessons we’ve learned over the years,” according to Mr Taylor.

“Because it’s greenfield it’s an amazing opportunity to do all the things there that we’ve been slowly incorporating into Rosalie.”

“The unique thing about us is that we are the only cinema in Brisbane which offers total full service — kitchen and waiters.”

Ferny Grove Central is a joint project by the Federal and Queensland governments, alongside Honeycombes Property Group and MaxCap Group. The mixed-use development will be next to the Ferny Grove Railway Station, which caters to 5,000 passengers a day.

The Fernery, a residential hub with 82 luxury apartments, is also going to be constructed on-site, featuring communal amenities, vertical gardens, and an abundance of recreational and outdoor spots. 

It’s Free Drop Off Weekend at the Ferny Grove Resource Recovery Centre!

Do you have any grass clippings, branches, prunings from shrubs and trees, and weeds for disposal after cleaning your yard? Make the most of the FREE green waste drop-off days at the Ferny Grove Resource Recovery Centre on Upper Kedron Road.

Open from 6:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. on Saturday, 25 Sept, the initiative ensures that garden wastes from households can be properly disposed of. On regular dates, residents will have to use their waste vouchers to pay the disposal fee or register for Council’s green waste recycling service. 

To dispose of your garden waste, go to the free recycling area first then drive to a second weighbridge that leads to the other disposal areas. 

Please ensure that you’re dressed for safety with fully enclosed shoes, long pants, as well protective glasses and gloves when you go to the recovery centre. The facility is a non-smoking site and if you have children under 12 years old or pets coming along, they should remain in the vehicle at all times.   

Garden waste may be recycled as a nutrient-rich soil conditioner for land reclamation sites and agriculture areas. If you are not composting at home, it would be best to take these at the Ferny Grove Resource Recovery Centre. Please take note not to include garden wastes that have contaminants, such as grass cuttings with herbicides. 

Ferny Grove Resource Recovery Centre
Photo Credit: Robert Garvey/Google Maps

The Ferny Grove Resource Recovery Centre, which opens daily, is a part of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme for households to dispose of their old TVs or computers. However, the site also accepts garden and landscape waste, paper and cardboard materials, other electrical appliances and white goods, paint and paint solvents, and motor and grease oil.

New Family-Friendly Ferny’s Cafe Ticks All the Boxes

Whilst there are fewer cafes to the west of Ferny Grove, there is, fortunately, the newly-opened Ferny’s Cafe & Espresso Bar which ticks all the boxes. This eatery on McGinn Road, which opened its doors in late December 2019, has superb food, excellent coffee and a family-friendly atmosphere.

Ferny’s Cafe & Espresso Bar fills what this suburb needs —  a great neighbourhood cafe and local hangout where the adults can have relaxing meals and the kids can enjoy every visit.  

This place, which was once PoshaMocha, has a dedicated play corner for the kids but it is not unusual to see the adults also enjoying themselves as they play board games or guide their children in the pretend kitchen set-up. There’s a spacious outdoor area as well for families to bring their dogs and order some affordable doggie treats. 

The food choices at Ferny’s Cafe is a mix of healthy and delectable treats to entice even diners with the most discerning taste or limited diet requirements. They offer Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian and Vegan options.

The Ferny Fritters is the yummy favourite from the all-day breakfast and lunch options. Coffee served at this cafe is from Elixir.

This eatery has a friendly service staff that attends to the diners’ needs promptly even when this restaurant gets pretty busy. 

Ferny’s Cafe is owned by the same group running Blackwood Cafe in Mitchelton. The restaurant trades daily and you can refer to its Facebook Page for the opening hours, especially during the school terms.

“WOW!!! Just demolished their Ferny Fritters as they were amazing! Wanted to kiss the talented Chef/s. It was super busy but the food still came out really quickly & was full of flavour & presented beautifully. Well done!! Coffee superb too!”

~ Spencer Jill, Facebook 

“There used to be two problems in my life… one was my coffee addiction and the other was that I moved to a suburb with no great coffee options. But then all was solved when Ferny’s came along. Oh…my…word! This little cafe is amazeballs- bright, good vibes, friendly staff ANNNNND it’s doggo friendly!! I took my pupper, Frankie out for his first visit today and we are unanimously decided- this cafe is the bestest, not just because its the only one in the suburb.”

~ Charmaine Spencer, Google Reviews

Phoenix Netball in Ferny Grove Opens New Player Registration

Young sports enthusiasts with a keen interest in netball may soon join Phoenix Netball in Tramway Street. The club, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, will open its registrations online beginning the 15th of Jan 2020 in preparation for a new gaming season. 

Open for interested players born after the 20th of June 2013 (or Year 7.5), registrants will have its information, tryouts and uniform distribution on Saturday, the 1st of Feb, from 9 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Games will officially start by late March until late August. 

This registration is divided into three levels:

7.5 to 10 years oldJunior Non-Competition or the NetSetGo program
11 to 17 years oldJunior Competition
18+ years oldSenior Competition
Photo Credit: Phoenix Netball Club/Facebook

The NetSetGo program under Phoenix Netball ends earlier than the other two competitions since there are no finals. Training takes place at the Ferny Grove park at times and dates to be set by the appointed coaches. Weekly games, however, happen every Saturday at the Downey Park in Windsor. 

Like most sports, playing netball is a great form of physical exercise. It also teaches children to be team players, a valuable skill they can use in other aspects of their life. 

Over time, netball players also develop leadership skills, especially for those who show the potential to be captains. 

Aside from the players’ registration, Phoenix Netball is also open for signing up umpires from 13 years old and above. For further inquiries email

Phoenix Netball was established in 2011. Started by a group of enthusiastic parents in the North West side of Brisbane, the rosters of players have also represented this region in the QC Netball Associations. 

Ferny Grove Is Most Affordable & Liveable Hotspot Suburb in Brisbane

For the second half of 2019, Ferny Grove emerged as the most affordable and liveable Brisbane hotspot suburb for houses, the latest PRDnationwide report says.

Released twice a month, the Affordable & Liveable Property Guide provides an analysis of Greater Brisbane suburbs located within 20kms radius of the CBD by taking into consideration five criteria: property trends, investment, affordability, project development, and liveability.

Ferny Grove joins Boondall and Griffin among the most affordable and liveable hotspot suburbs for houses, the report says, with median house price of  $622,000 and 2.6 percent price growth.

Everton Park, Bracken Ridge, and Springwood are the top Affordable and Liveable hotspots for units. Everton Park recorded a 25.8% price growth for a median price of $512,500.

Affordable and Liveable Hotspot Suburbs – Houses

SuburbMedian PricePrice GrowthRental YieldProjects 2019Radial Distance from CBD
Ferny Grove$622,0002.6%4.3%$91.8M15.3km

Data based on PRDnationwide Affordable & Liveable Property Guide 2nd Half 2019 – Brisbane report

Affordable and Liveable Hotspot Suburbs – Units

SuburbMedian PricePrice GrowthRental YieldProjects 2019Radial Distance from CBD
Everton Park$512,500 25.8%5.3%$38.0M10.0km
Bracken Ridge$321,0000.3%5.6%$8.1M20.0km

Data based on PRDnationwide Affordable & Liveable Property Guide 2nd Half 2019 – Brisbane report

Five out of six of the affordable and liveable suburbs in Brisbane are situated on the northern side of the River, as opposed to the results of first half of 2019 which saw the distribution spread throughout Brisbane.

Whilst this indicates that there were limited choices for first home buyers during the period, Brisbane property market, however, continues to be a prime market, as 44 percent of available suburbs now fall under $500,000 price bracket — a new record high. In 2018, this price range represents only 12.4 percent of the market.

The accessible suburbs by price range

Price Range1st Half 20182nd Half 20181st Half 20192nd Half 2019
$500,000 – $800,000 52.9%51.4%37.7%37.2%
$800,000 – $1M21.2%20.5%9.3%11.3%
$1M – $2M 11.1%12.4%6.7%6.7%

Data based on PRDnationwide Affordable & Liveable Property Guide 2nd Half 2019 – Brisbane report

The number of houses sold in the Brisbane LGA, however, dropped by 35.7 percent, causing a decline in the median price by 1.5 percent to $670,000. The same goes for units, with the median price falling 3.7 percent to $440,000.

Land Values in The Gap, Ferny Grove and Other Brisbane Northwest Suburbs Increase

The Gap and Ferny Grove have shown an uplift in their land value along with other Brisbane North Western suburbs, as dwelling investment in Queensland enters a “recovery phase,” according to the latest land valuation report.

With a total of 5,648 properties surveyed, the median land value in The Gap rose to $460,000 or a 10.8 percent increase, whilst Ferny Grove’s land valuation rose by 10.3 percent from $340,000 to $375,000. Other suburbs on the northwest side of Brisbane also saw their land values rise: Mitchelton $480,000 (10.3), Gaythorne $480,000 (9.1%), Upper Kedron $370,000 (8.8%), and Keperra $395,000 (5.3%).

The new valuations, representing about 1.03 million properties, will take effect on 30 June 2019 for purposes of local government rating, state land tax, and state land rental (where applicable).

A total of 18 local government areas received new valuations this year: Brisbane, Burdekin, Cairns, Etheridge, Gympie, Ipswich, Lockyer Valley, Logan, Longreach, Moreton Bay, Noosa, North Burnett, Redland, Somerset, South Burnett, Sunshine Coast, Weipa, and Western Downs.

Site value (non-rural land) and unimproved value (rural land) methodologies, were used in undertaking the statutory land valuations, according to the Property Market Movement Report published by the State of Queensland. Both methodologies refer to the expected sale value of the land, at the date of valuation, excluding improvements like houses, buildings, or fences. Unimproved value, however, also excludes improvements to the land such as earthworks or levelling.

“While approvals and construction have declined, the substantial amount of work remaining in the pipeline indicates dwelling investment is headed for a ‘soft landing’ compared with previous housing cycles,” Queensland’s Valuer-General Neil Bray said.

Photo Credit: J Brew [CC BY-SA 2.0 (] /Wikimedia Commons

Of the 18 local government areas that have been valued, 16 recorded an overall increase ranging between 4.9 (South Burnett) and 42.5 percent (Etheridge).

There were nine LGAs with increases of 0-10 percent, five areas with increases of 10-20 percent, and two areas with more than 20 percent increases. Burdekin and Longreach, on the other hand, recorded overall decreases of 2.9 percent and 14.8 percent, respectively.

Majority of suburbs across Brisbane have recorded increase in residential land values, with most showing increases between five and 15 percent. Residential sector is the largest market sector in Brisbane, about 304,000 valuation.

The median residential value has risen 7.1 percent as the overall median value increased to $455,000 from $425,000.

Thirty-seven residential suburbs remained unchanged, whilst 126 increased by up to 15 percent and 16 suburbs increased by more than 15 percent. Inner-city suburbs Woolloongabba (26.1%), Auchenflower (19.6%), Paddington (19.4%), and Milton (19.2%) have the largest median valuation increases.

The new valuations will become effective 30 June, however, landowners who have additional or new evidence to justify the need to alter the new valuations should provide such information through the online objections process via or at the address shown at the top of their valuation notice, by 7 May 2019.

Friendly Reminders for the Kerbside Collection in Ferny Grove and Keperra

Brisbane City Council’s Kerbside Collection in Ferny Grove and Keperra is coming up. Better be ready before the collection day which will be on Monday, 17 September 2018.

As a friendly reminder, here are a few things to keep in mind before the collection date.

Acceptable Items

Kerbside collection is the best time to get rid of unwanted stuff. However, you should remember that not all items are accepted during the collection. Here is a quick recap of the acceptable and unacceptable items for the event.

Items to be collected:

  • furniture and white goods (e.g. fridges and stoves)
  • small household appliances (e.g. fans and toasters)
  • carpet and rugs
  • bath and laundry tubs
  • wood products less than 1.5 metres
  • bicycles and sporting equipment
  • electronic waste (e.g. televisions and computers)
Items not accepted:

  • garden waste (e.g. trees, grass, potted plants)
  • dirt and stones
  • bricks and concrete
  • commercial builders waste
  • car parts and tyres, including car batteries
  • general household waste (e.g. food scraps)
  • liquids
  • hazardous wastes (e.g. chemicals, oil, asbestos)
  • gas bottles
  • glass and mirrors
  • household waste that normally goes into your waste or recycling bin

Remember to place the items for collection on the kerbside in front of the property by 6:00 a.m. during the collection period.

Stay Informed

The Council has provided a helpful app to keep you updated with the collection days. The free Brisbane Bin and Recycling app can also help you learn how to recycle more effectively.

Kerbside Collection in Ferny Grove and Keperra
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Facebook

After downloading the app, make sure to keep the push notifications enabled so you can receive real-time updates on your app.

You can download the application for free here:

Collection Guidelines

When putting out items for the Kerbside Collection in Ferny Grove and Keperra, please take note of the following:

  • Keep the piles tidy on the kerb so the footpath or roadway is kept clear.
  • Remember that the Council will not collect piles larger than two cubic metres (equal to a small box trailer load).
  • Remove doors from refrigerators and cupboards.
  • Be careful not to leave sharp or dangerous objects.
  • Make sure that items can easily and safely be lifted by two people.
  • Items must be secured if severe weather is expected.

Donate Usable Items

Check if some items in your pile are usable. If there are items that can still be used, donate them. This is a big help in reducing the waste sent to the landfill, plus, you get to help others in need.

Kerbside Collection in Ferny Grove and Keperra
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Facebook

You can either donate to GIVIT, The National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations Inc. (NACRO) or bring them to the Council’s tip shops in Acacia Ridge and Geebung.

These are just a few things to consider before the Kerbside Collection in Ferny Grove and Keperra. To learn more, visit the Council’s Kerbside Collection page.

Travel Back in Time at Ferny Grove’s Brisbane Tramway Museum

Take a journey through history and experience old-school commute at the Brisbane Tramway Museum in Ferny Grove.

Brisbane Tramway Museum offers guests a chance to ride restored trams that once dominated the streets of Brisbane. Open on Sundays from 12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., visitors can fully enjoy riding the historic trams and learn about their history.

Photo credit: Facebook/Brisbane Tramway Museum

Located near the Ferny Grove Station, the outdoor museum is set in a country-like surrounding where six working trams dating from 1901 to 1961 can be found running every Sunday. However, there will be times where not all six of them are guaranteed to run due to maintenance services or needs for further restoration.

The museum is run by knowledgeable and passionate volunteers who are happy to don caps and uniforms to play the role of driver and conductor taking you on a ride in the iconic trams.

Photo credit: Facebook/Brisbane Tramway Museum

History of Brisbane Tramway Museum

The tramways seized operation in June 1968 when the Brisbane City Council decided to switch from the tramways to an all bus transport system.

Photo credit:

A public meeting was soon arranged with the intention of preserving a representative collection of the city’s tramcars. The meeting resulted in the birth of the Brisbane Tramway Museum Society which is a voluntary organisation that is currently the custodian of some 24 tramcars and two trolleybuses.

The newly formed society then prioritised to secure a suitable site for the Museum and in 1972, they have chosen to establish the museum in Ferny Grove.

The Brisbane Tramway Museum officially opened to the public in June 1980 and had continued to expand and develop ever since.

Photo credit:

Major improvements to the museum were made possible through the funding it received from the Queensland Government in 2001. Upgrades to the museum included the construction of a new engineering workshop; the renovation of an existing workshop; the construction of another new building for maintaining and restoring trams; and the repositioning of tram tracks.

The society currently operates six tramcars with two more under restoration. Planning is underway for the construction of an extension to the tramway which will allow visitors to experience a longer ride on the historic trams.

Photo credit: Facebook/Brisbane Tramway Museum

For those who are planning to visit the museum, it is recommended that you allow at least an hour and a half to two hours for you to fully enjoy all that the museum has to offer.

Take note that the museum remains closed in wet conditions for operational reasons. You may call the museum on 07 3351 1776 after 12 noon on Sundays to make sure that they are open prior to your visit. For more information, you may visit the Brisbane Tramway Museum’s official website or check out their Facebook page for updates.