Residents Petition for New Road Connecting The Gap and Upper Kedron

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Residents are actively pushing for a 900-m long shortcut connecting Canvey Rd and Mt Nebo Rd. This stretch of new road would spell a 14-km difference in the daily commute of residents who regularly travel between The Gap and Upper Kedron.

More than 280 signatures have already been collected by Upper Kedron resident Wade Phillips, the proponent of the petition which calls for Brisbane City Council to provide Canvey Rd access to Mt Nebo Rd, The Gap.

Photo Credit: Google Maps

“Currently the only way Ferny Grove and Upper Kedron residents to access Waterworks Road is via Settlement Road. This road connection is earmarked as Active Transport (Emergency Services) and Pedestrians only. I seek to open the road for all road users,” Mr Phillips explained.

“No further traffic will utilise Waterworks Road as everyone who will use the Canvey Road connection to Mt Nebo road already uses Settlement Road. This adds 15 minutes (of) transit every day, plus fuel and pollution, and costs.”

The link has been the subject of an unsuccessful lobby by the Ferny Grove Upper Kedron Residents Association (FGUKRA) during the preparation and deliberations for the Ferny Grove – Upper Kedron Neighbourhood Plan in 2018.

At the time, BCC rejected the call, citing the accident rate on Mt Nebo Rd and Mt Glorious Rd, both popular routes for recreational motorbike riders. Today, residents continue to express support the link as it would save those who head into The Gap for work approximately 14 km of driving each day.

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To commuters such as those living in the new Ellendale estate, this would make a massive difference, particularly since it’s only 200 m from the nearest Ellendale house to Mt Nebo Rd.

“Allow all traffic to utilise the road, not just emergency vehicles,” Mr Phillips added.