Ritual HQ: End of an Era as Brisbane Gym Chain Closes The Gap Outlet

Ritual HQ: End of an Era as Brisbane Gym Chain Closes The Gap Outlet

In a devastating turn of events, after serving the community and supporting various charities for over ten years, Ritual HQ, a beloved gym chain in Brisbane, has closed its doors at The Gap outlet.

This closure follows the voluntary liquidation application of Ritual HQ Pty Ltd, trading as Ritual HQ, with Sydney firm Mackay Goodwin appointed as liquidators on 9 June 2023.

Following the closure of the Everton Hills location two years ago, the Paddington location is currently being used as a teaching studio, with a for-lease sign clearly visible outside.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the business is cited as the main reason for the closure. Chantal O’Brien, the former owner and founder, revealed that the gym never managed to recover from the devastating effects of the pandemic, which ultimately led to the demise of their business. The closure of the Ritual HQ outlet at The Gap marks a significant loss for the Brisbane community.

Ritual HQ was not only renowned for its impressive fitness facilities and cutting-edge equipment but also for its exceptional community engagement. In 2017, the gym took proactive steps to volunteer and support various causes in the westside and Hills District communities. 

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The Ritual HQ Army, composed of dedicated gym members and staff, tirelessly offered their assistance to worthy groups in need, participating in sausage sizzles, and car washes, and even serving as bar staff at weddings.These charitable efforts not only made Ritual HQ well known but also deeply loved by the community. 

Last year, when Ms O’Brien handed over the business to Tyler, she expressed her immense pride in his relentless efforts to rebuild and continue the work and community that she had helped shape over the years. 

From its humble beginnings with only ten people, Ritual HQ quickly expanded, employing a dozen coaches and staff members at its peak. It had gained a reputation as one of Brisbane’s premier gyms, thanks to its sleek fit-out and innovative equipment. 

The gym offered state-of-the-art training technology, such as the Wellness Key USB, which came pre-loaded with training plans and workouts. Additionally, the gym’s 24-hour operation and attractive membership packages further cemented its popularity among fitness enthusiasts in Brisbane.

Published 21-June-2023