Planet Ark Power in Enoggera is Global Leader in Energy Transition

Photo Credit: Planet Ark /

Planet Ark Power, based in Enoggera, was recently recognised as the leading energy transition pioneer at the 2019 Startup Energy Transition Awards (SET) held 9 April 2019.

The SET was part of the 5th Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue by the Germany Energy Agency and the World Energy Council. Planet Ark Power won the category of ‘Intelligent Grids, Platforms and Cyber Security’.

The jury, composed of global energy and climate change experts, unanimously supported Planet Ark Power’s pitch on their innovative grid-transforming solution.

“This is a milestone for Planet Ark Power. To be recognised as pioneers and have the global energy transition community validate our solution at the SET Awards inspires us to continue innovating and contributing to this dialogue,” Richard Romanowski, Planet Ark Power – Executive Director, said.

Planet Ark Power’s Executive Director Richard Romanowski |
Photo Credit: Planet Ark /

Planet Ark Power is pioneering the power management technology that aims to help Australia transition to clean and sustainable sources of energy.

Their grid-transforming device, with the help of artificial intelligence technology, solves the voltage disruption issues affecting electricity grid. Voltage disruption is one of the challenges that come with the use of decentralised energy generation sources like rooftop solar.

Planet Ark Power’s power management device enables thirteen times more clean energy to flow onto the electricity grid, yet comes at no cost to the grid or end-consumer.

“This paves the way for large-scale adoption of solar in the commercial and industrial context, enabling the creation of virtual power plants and facilitating future peer-to-peer trading – democratising the electricity grid overall,” Planet Ark Power said.

Video Credit: Planet Ark Power / YouTube

“Australia is the first in the world to experience large-scale voltage disruption due to rooftop solar, with the rest of the world to follow as rooftop solar becomes more popular. Planet Ark Power’s engineers had the foresight and acumen to pre-empt and solve a global challenge,” Romanowski said .

“We’re committed to supporting our innovators and entrepreneurs not only to grow their businesses but to tackle some of the biggest issues affecting Queenslanders,” Innovation Minister Kate Jones said in her congratulatory message.

“It’s crucial that we harness the talent of our best and brightest to combat climate change.

“It’s great to see a Brisbane company at the forefront of this technology,” Ms Jones said.

Planet Ark Power will use the €10,000.00 (c. $AU16,000) prize as additional funds to their research and development initiatives. Their innovation will be exhibited at 24th World Energy Congress in September this year. The event will be hosted by the World Energy Council in Abu Dhabi.