Lifestyle, Green Spaces Seen as Top Concerns as The Gap Neighbourhood Plan Nears Completion

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

Brisbane City Council has released the latest draft of The Gap neighbourhood plan and should be ready to include it in the City Plan come early 2018.

The planning team has incorporated input from the community into the updated neighbourhood plan. Locals are further urged to have their say until Friday 8 December 2017.

The Gap Vision

The vision for the suburb is based on key considerations derived from initial planning studies and community feedback.

  • Housing for All – The plan is to ensure that there is ample housing available for people from all walks of life. To achieve this, the plan would maintain the suburban character of The Gap. At the same time, the suburb will still accommodate a range of housing options for locals.
  • Green and Leafy Spaces – Since The Gap is home to some of the biggest conservation parks in the city, the planning team intends to provide protection to the existing greeneries and open spaces. The plan would maintain and enhance public green spaces and provide protection against environmental hazards.
  • Centres for Village Life – The neighbourhood plan would reinvigorate the suburb with places for dining, shopping and relaxation. The strategy is to create spaces where locals can gather as a community. In particular, planners would revitalise The Gap Village and enhance the local shopping precincts.
  • Community Connections – The neighbourhood plan would seek opportunities for the community to interact and access services. To achieve this, the council would increase activities and programs at parks and community facilities.

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Coverage of The Gap Neighbourhood Plan (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council)

Feedback on Neighbourhood Plan

Since the neighbourhood plan will form the basis for future developments in The Gap, residents are encouraged to have their say about the updated draft. The neighbourhood plan can alter rules on zoning and what types of development are appropriate.

The Gap residents can provide feedback by:

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  • Emailing the project team
  • Calling Council on 3403 8888
  • Or writing to:
    Neighbourhood Planning Brisbane (The Gap)
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434
    Brisbane Qld 4001

The planning team will receive feedback until Friday 8 December 2017.

Learn more about The Gap neighbourhood plan.