Keperra Kerbside Collection: 4 Important Things To Remember to Avoid Illegal Dumping Fines

Photo Credit: bluebudgie/Pixabay

Another round of kerbside collection will be underway in Keperra on Monday, the 16th of Sept 2019. As practiced, residents are encouraged to place their items by the kerb before 6:00 a.m. during collection day.

Workers from the Waste and Resource Recovery Services will be driving by to pick up the items but not just everything will be collected. So, here are four important things to remember to avoid incurring illegal dumping fines.

1. Keep it tidy.

Keperra residents are expected to pile their kerbside collection items in a tidy manner. It should be off footpaths and roadways so as not to disrupt the flow of traffic. The items must also be secured in case the weather is bad on collection day. You won’t want your items scattered on the ground because of strong winds.

2. Keep it at two cubic metres.

The Council will not pick up kerbside collection items that are piled in a box that’s more than two cubic metres. This is roughly the size equal to a small box trailer load. If you have long or tall items, ensure that these are not longer than one metre. Otherwise, you might need to bring larger items yourself to recycling centres or tip shops in Brisbane. 

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

3. Keep it safe.

Your kerbside collection pile must not contain sharp or dangerous objects. It must also not be too heavy for two people to pick up the box. If you are putting away furniture or appliances like cupboards, fridges or eskies, you need to take off the doors and covers. This ensures that no curious animals or kids would be trapped inside the container.

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4. Keep unacceptable items off your pile.

The Council will not accept these items below for kerbside collection. If you need to get rid of these, you need to make other arrangements: 

  • bricks and concrete
  • commercial builders waste
  • car parts and tyres, including car batteries
  • dirt and stones
  • garden waste (e.g. trees, grass, potted plants)
  • gas bottles
  • general household waste (e.g. food scraps)
  • glass and mirrors
  • hazardous wastes (e.g. chemicals, oil, asbestos)
  • household waste that normally goes into your waste or recycling bin
  • Liquids

Items that are not picked up must be removed off the kerb as soon as possible. The penalty for illegal dumping is $133.45 per unit.

Residents can download the Brisbane bin and recycling app to receive notifications and learn general information on how to dispose of unwanted items properly.