Expect New Footpaths, Pedestrian Bridges, Road Resurfacing, and Other Enhancements at The Gap Ward This Year

The Gap Ward
Paten Park, The Gap (Photo credit: Google Street View)

New footpaths, road resurfacing projects, and enhancements to the local parks and amenities are just some of the things to expect this financial year in The Gap Ward. Here’s a breakdown of what the 2023-24 budget includes for the area.

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Road Realignment

Photo credit: Google Street View

One significant project involves the road realignment of Minnie Street in Upper Kedron, stretching from Cedar Creek Road to Rosella Street. This realignment aims to enhance traffic flow and facilitate improved accessibility to public transportation throughout the wider local community. 

Park Upgrades

Following community consultation, the Alfred and Lucina Best Park, Paten Park Dog Off-Leash Area, and the Walton Bridge Reserve are about to receive improvements.

The Gap Ward
Alfred and Lucina Best Park (Photo credit: Rachid Ghariss/Google Maps)

Aside from these parks in The Gap, other parks in the ward including Honeyeater Street Park in  Upper Kedron, Movilla Street Park in Ferny Grove, and Selkirk Crescent Park in Upper Kedron are also set to receive upgrades.

Road Resurfacing

Photo credit: Google Street View

This budget features a record spend of $103m on road resurfacing. In The Gap, this includes Settlement Road, which will be from Kilbowie to Yarrabee Road. There will also be road resurfacing on Bryant Street in Ashgrove, Julatten Place in Upper Kedron, and Tozer Street in Keperra.

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Footpaths, Bikeways and Pedestrian Bridges

Councillor for The Gap ward Steven Toomey announced that this year’s budget will see over $1.1m spent on footpaths, bikeways and pedestrian bridges in The Gap Ward. It includes:

  • Corbie Street, Ashgrove
  • Payne Road, The Gap
  • Weemala Street, The Gap
  • Nathan Avenue Pedestrian Bridge, Ashgrove
  • Payne Road from Blucher Ave to Kernal Street, The Gap

Creek Vegetation Management

The Gap Ward
Photo credit: Google Street View

Cr Toomey said creek vegetation management has been budgeted for Ithaca Creek near Jubilee Terrace, Ashgrove and Kedron Brook near Kirralee Crescent, Upper Kedron for this financial year. 

Major Drainage Works at The Gap Ward

The Gap Ward
Keperra Picnic Ground (Photo credit: happyfrog99/Google Maps)

In the ward, there are two notable drainage projects underway. The first is Stage 2 of Keperra Picnic Ground Park whilst the second project is focused on Naroo and Devonhill Street in The Gap.

“Drainage projects play a crucial role in ensuring the safety, sustainability, and functionality of communities like ours by managing water effectively and protecting both the built and natural environment,” Cr Toomey said.

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Cr Toomey has assured that additional information will be provided as each project progresses.

Published 7-July-2023