“Be Prepared” Campaign: A Decade After The Gap Storm

“Be Prepared” Campaign
Video Still: Brisbane City Council/YouTube

Brisbane residents are urged to “Be Prepared” for extreme weather. During the launch of Brisbane City Council’s summer storm awareness campaign, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk underscored the need to prepare for the summer storm season.

The summer storm awareness campaign was launched on the 10th anniversary of the storm that devastated The Gap. Brisbane is better prepared now than it was ten years ago. After the devastating storm that hit The Gap in 2008, more equipment for SES crews were acquired. A range of new response, recovery services, and advice were also made available for residents.

“Brisbane is a great place to live, work and relax, but we all know our beautiful subtropical climate means our city is prone to severe weather, including flash flooding, storms and bushfires, which is why it’s critical we’re prepared for the summer storm season,” LM Graham Quirk said.

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He said that the council will invest close to $12 million into disaster management in 2018-2019. Part of the spending includes $3.7 million for the acquisition of 12 new SES vehicles. Included as well are equipment and resources to support the 880 volunteer members.

“Our volunteer SES crews, which have doubled in size over the past decade, are critical during the response to severe weather events by providing swift-water flood rescues, removing fallen trees, putting tarps over damaged roofs and much more.

Following the 2008 storm in The Gap, the council upgraded its Local Disaster Coordination Centre to make information gathering and response to the storm hit areas much faster. The council’s preparation includes “bushfire hazard reduction burns, tree trimming, stormwater drainage maintenance and upgrades and our Early Warning Alert Service.”

Credit:Brisbane City Council/YouTube

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Residents, for their part, could take steps to reduce risks to their property ahead of the storm events by cleaning up their yards, gutter, and securing loose items.

As part of the “Be Prepared” campaign, the council is providing three free green waste tipping weekends at the council’s resource recovery centres. The free green waste tipping aims to help residents prepare for storm season and minimise the impacts of high winds and heavy rain.

Weekends included in the free green waste tipping are:

  • September 22-23
  • October 6-7
  • October 20-21

Credit:Brisbane City Council/YouTube
The council is also hosting a number of community and school events in partnership with QFES, the Rural Fire Brigade, QPS and the SES. These events will provide more information to residents about their flood and bushfire risk.

For more information about preparing homes and property for severe weather, view the ‘Be Prepared’ checklist online at www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/beprepared or call (07) 3403 8888.

Learn more about preparing your home and property for severe weather at the “Be Prepared” website or call (07) 3403 8888.