ALDI At The Gap Village Shopping Centre Opening Mid-Year, New Store Format Brings More Fresh Produce

Photo credit: Your Neighbourhood

It has only been a year since the ALDI store development application at The Gap Village Shopping Centre was fully approved. The DA, which was submitted to the council in 2015, includes extensions for ALDI, mall area, and shops. With the construction currently underway, many are wondering when it will open.

ALDI confirmed that construction work is on schedule and that they will be opening their 1,760- square-metre store in the middle of the year. However, a definite date has yet to be set.

New Stores, New Store Format

The German retailer is also set to open and refurbish a number of stores across the country this year due to the intensifying competition brought about by the entry of Schwarz Group into the country’s grocery sector.

There will be 32 additional stores this year in the country and plans of a new store format will be introduced to 40 stores. This new format will bring more focus to fresh produce, healthy food, organic products, and meat.

With the new strategy, other supermarket giants such as Coles and Woolworths are feeling the challenge to step up their efforts as well. ALDI isn’t known for focusing on fresh food but with this new perspective and with more people demanding organic and fresh food, ALDI has definitely taken their standards up a notch.

They aim to accomplish the roll-out of their new store format in all of their Australian stores by 2020.

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