The Gap Sisters, Holly and Charli, Named Young Change Maker of the Year Finalists

Meet Holly (11 y/o) and Charli (13y/o). These young ladies are sisters from The Gap who are starting to make waves as budding eco-activists and have made enough impact to be recognised as finalists for Young Change Maker of the Year by Containers for Change.

In the last three years, Holly and Charli have been raising funds for the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital by collecting bottles and cans to turn over to Containers for Change. The money they’ve raised has saved injured wildlife, giving them a second chance to live.

Since their initiative, the girls have collected over 40,000 and raised $15,000 — a very significant and valuable feat by any standard!  

Photo Credit: Supplied

“We have loved wildlife since we were little and after a visit to Australia Zoo a few years ago and seeing the amazing work they do to help save wildlife we just needed to help,” the girls said. “We joined the Visionary Wildlife Warriors program 3 years ago and apart of that we started fundraising and doing things in our community to help the environment.”  

“When the Containers for Change recycling program started it was perfect. We were able to collect containers, stop them from entering landfill and recycle them whilst also raising money for Australia Zoo at the same time.” 

Photo Credit: Supplied

Carol Fairchild, who is also a community collector, is proud of the sisters. 

“The girls are inspiring with the work they do for wildlife and it’s great to be able to support them in their fundraising,” she said.

Mum Jodie Garrity cannot believe how far her daughters have come, after starting out with just a plan to raise $1,000 when they were eight and 10 years old. 

“Their dedication at such a young age blows us away.”