The Gap’s Walkabout Creek Remains Standing Despite Controversies In the Past Years, New Developments Still Possible

Originally just a wildlife Expo and a tea house in 1988, the Walkabout Creek in The Gap has expanded to provide better recreational facilities to visitors. Now, the centre is an ideal place to go to see and experience the native wildlife of Australia and other activities that would keep one moving.

In 2014, the centre encountered a bump in the road when a lesser number of visitors was recorded and the structure and facilities started to noticeably deteriorate.

The facilities that were added to the centre such as a cafe, function rooms for events such as weddings, and a conference centre, seemed to have also made people confused as to what the area is all about.

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Supposedly, the centre should actively promote the world’s most varied and interesting fauna, including, of course, sightings of the platypus in their natural habitat, something that people don’t get to see every day. Instead, the rich cultural features of the place remain overshadowed by the active promotion of outdoor activities and the venues located within the centre.

That very same year, there was a rumour about the government turning the centre into a theme park, which was quickly denied through a statement released by the government. The government then released a budget of $2.5 million so that Stage One work can be set in motion.

Today, the canoe launch facilities are available for use, along with new bike tracks for kids and adults, additional car parkings, activity trails, and additional picnic areas. The government also plans to build a zip line or rope courses, but only if they get a partner to fund it with them.

The Walkabout Creek today has endured the test of time and its additional facilities along with its nocturnal displays of Queensland’s fauna just proves that the centre will continue to live on.