Variety Dash for Kids Launches in The Gap

Variety’s Children Charity recently had a launch party in The Gap for a new activity that will surely excite many families. Held at the Ashgrove Golf Club, the launch saw a successful turnout of supporters who have been eager to learn about the new event. 

The simple launch party last 21 July 2021 featured supporters from Little Gnome Mobile, Variety Bash Car 666 – Girls of Gotham, Aussie Rock, Tonka 2008 Bash Car and Changing One Kids Life at a Time. Families also spoke and shared how much their lives have been enriched by participating in Variety events. 

Soon, Variety families will have more to talk about when they join the inaugural Variety Dash for Kids. The new event will be an opportunity for the children to create unforgettable experiences in the Australian outback with their family and friends.

Variety Dash for Kids combines elements of the legendary Variety Bash and Variety 4WD Adventure. Set for 8 to 13 November 2021, the event will kick off in Gladstone — with stops at Blackwater, Alpha, Carnarvon Gorge, and the Rockybar Station — and end in Hervey Bay.

Much like the popular Variety Bash, which has been running for more than three decades, the Variety Dash for Kids is open to all vehicles and models, especially off-road camper trailers. 

“Whether you’ve got a combi, an off-road camper trailer, or family car (and as long as you’re happy to take the vehicle on dirt and the roads less travelled), we’d love to have you on board! “

“Radio communications, mechanical assistance, on-event medics and a scout to check the tracks are all there to ensure that you’re safe.”

Registration for Variety Dash for Kids is now open. Visit the official site to learn more about how you can join or donate to the event.