The Gap’s Running Cat Man Talks About How it Feels to Become the Cat’s Meow

His name is Tom Holliday. He owns a business called Sonder Digital Marketing. Nowadays, everyone knows him as The Gap’s Running Cat Man. Many have been curious about this humorous young fellow. One day, he just ran around the suburb wearing his cute cat unitard. Little did he know at that time just how viral a figure he would become after that run.



How it All Began


In an interview with other members of the media, Mr Holliday confessed that he first wore the cat attire to visit a friend’s house. According to him, his friends told him, “That is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Then I went for a run in it once as a joke and I had that much attention, it was hilarious. It was the funniest, happiest run I’ve ever been on. It’s just good vibes,” he said.

The Gap’s Running Cat Man is thankful for the overwhelmingly positive reactions that he continues to get from everyone because they motivate him to keep on running. The 22-year-old Mr Holliday was overweight by 30kg three years ago. Today, he has not only lost the excess weight and become fit. He also helps to brighten anyone’s day on the street with his distinctive attire.



“You get tired and think ‘I’m so over this’, but then you see a little kid laughing and go back to being happy and you can’t help but keep running,” Mr Holliday shared.

As to his amusing feline fitness wear, Mr Holliday said, “It’s hot so … [it’s] not like it’s an advantage. Some days I just don’t want to wear it, but it won’t be the same if I don’t.”



On his Newfound Online Fame


Prior to his first run, Mr Holliday admits that he was quite concerned about what people will think. His mum and brother discouraged him to do what he was about to do back then. “I felt so much anxiety the first time, but the reaction was awesome. Now it’s getting to a new level. People go crazy on their horns and waving,” he said.

“I’m usually in the zone when I’m running but I do see lots of people taking photos. I don’t know where they’re ending up,” he added.



A man once blocked Mr Holliday as he was running with his feline fitness wear. In that brief moment, the man started filming him.

“I was like ‘hey, how you going?’ but he just kept filming me and I had to run around him. It was the strangest thing ever,” an amused Mr Holliday said.

Pictures and videos of him in his cat attire has spread like wildfire all over social media. In less than a week, Mr Holliday became widely known as The Gap’s Running Cat Man.



“I did have a friend ask if it was me but I just said ‘no, I don’t know what that is’,” he quipped.

What started out as a supposed joke became seriously (yet hilariously) trending, and strangely inspiring too. Who would have known that running around the neighbourhood in an eye-catching cute attire would instantly change the life of the wearer. Just like that, Mr. Tom Holliday has become The Gap’s unofficial mascot.

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The Gap’s Running Cat Man


Photo Credit: Humans of The Gap 4061/Facebook