The Gap Police Actively Searching For the Reckless Motorcycle Rider on Waterworks Road

A dangerous motorcycle driver has caught the attention of the police on 5th November, between 10:00 a.m. to 10:10 a.m. in The Gap.

The police found a motorcycle driver behaving erratically while riding on Waterworks Road. The rider was seen rapidly accelerating and carelessly overtaking another vehicle on the outside.

This kind of driving was observed within that 10-minute window between Pammay Street and Greenlanes Road, as the driver recklessly wove in and out of traffic.

The motorcycle is described as black in colour with black and white registration plates, whilst the rider was seen wearing a black leather jacket, green helmet and dark shorts.

As early as February of this year, eight people have already died in motorcycle accidents on state roads this year. In 2014-2016, Queensland has a recorded 12,028 registered motorcycles and in 2016, 4% of motorcycle rides take up the road in Queensland.

The locals at The Gap are very active in promoting road safety. In fact, The Gap Neighbourhood Watch is part of the Mt. Zero campaign that raises awareness of the dangers of Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious Roads whilst promoting driver safety especially on these roads.

Witnesses are encouraged to contact The Gap Police Station especially those who might have caught the incident on their dash cam. If you have any information or footage on this, you can report it here.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads has a list of useful information and guidelines on motorcycle safety. You can read about it here.