The Gap Residents Wake Up to Colourful Security Bollards

The Gap has colourful new security bollards and they are a sight to behold. Some residents have said that they just woke up one morning to see that their neighbourhood has become a world of colourful “Legos!”

Around Yoorala Street Reserve, mysterious artists have turned 30 cement bollards into multi-hued works of art. This is not the first time that this has happened, though. In May, Simpson characters were scattered all over the suburb. And now in July, the theme seems to be Legos!


Photo credit: Preserve our Parks, Civic Centres for Community Groups: The Gap Qld / Facebook

All of the creations are made from paper mache. The Gap Resident’s Association member Chris Taylor said that these decorations just came out of nowhere and they have no idea who’s done it. However they came to be, the neighbourhood seems to be appreciative of the colourful displays. Families actually stop around to admire them. The Gap residents are pleased with these beautiful art creations.

This occurence seems to be part of a growing trend. Also in July, Melbourne residents also woke up to colourful bollards in their neighbourhood. Over 200 bollards were installed around the city to prevent vehicle-based attacks. Artists quickly took this an opportunity to express their creativity. They added their unique touch to Melbourne’s temporary concrete cubes. Now, they are covered in colourful materials and graffiti art.

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