Snake Sightings Are On the Rise in The Gap & Nearby Suburbs

At this time of year, carpet snakes are very rampant in the Western suburbs especially in The Gap. Snake Catchers Brisbane has been tirelessly working to remove these reptiles from properties.

One resident in The Gap found a snake in an underwear drawer. The snake was first seen on a window sill and was quickly disregarded thinking that it was just a common tree snake. It turns out, it was an Eastern Brown snake — one of the deadliest species of venomous snakes.

Snakes are very common at this time of the year as the temperatures grow warmer during early spring. During this time of the year, The Gap and Chapel Hill are the suburbs with the most snake sightings. They can just be found anywhere — cars, washing machines, and fridges. In fact, Snake Catchers Brisbane has been getting about 30 inquiries per day about snakes that are sighted.

Snake catcher Lana Field has warned residents who don’t want snakes coming into their homes to make sure that their yards are clean. Also, pet enclosures should be snake proof. Pets cats should be kept inside because there are times that they bring snakes inside, venomous or otherwise.