Level Up Your Fitness with Indoor Wall Climbing at 9 Degrees Brisbane in Enoggera

Trying to manage one’s weight to keep fit in the face of all the holiday indulgences is no mean feat. A big shoutout to the folks at 9 Degrees Brisbane, located at 72 Pickering Street in Enoggera, where fitness activities are always fun and available, even through the holidays!

9 Degrees Brisbane is a fun, multicoloured playground for both kids and grownups. With over 120 boulder routes, which change designs every so often, newbie climbers can tackle the easy routes to literally get the hang of this activity. Elite climbers, on the other hand, can safely practice their techniques regardless of the weather conditions outside. 

The boulders’ levels of difficulty are colour-coded so climbers can easily spot their target. The bouldering wall was designed to give every person a challenging but fun experience with the highest peak at 4.5 metres. It goes from an easy trail to a steep incline, to a higher and steeper degree.    

Photo Credit: 9 Degrees Brisbane/Facebook

Climbing walls used to be exclusive to experienced rock climbers who scale the heights outdoors against a tough mountain. Today, it has become a social and fitness activity rolled into one, where all kinds of people could challenge themselves and try to reach the wall’s peak in an air-conditioned facility.

Concerned for your safety? 9 Degrees Brisbane has helpful trainers guiding climbers, especially the ones who might be intimated on their initial visits. The floors are padded to cushion accidental falls but it is generally a safe climb with hardly any incident.

9 Degrees Brisbane has no age limit, however, children and teens under 16 years old must climb with an adult. Before tackling the boulders, climbers will need to disclose to the staff if they have pre-existing conditions for their own safety. 

Photo Credit: 9 Degrees Brisbane/Facebook

In between climbing breaks, guests may take a have coffee, snacks or power drinks at the cafe stationed within the facility. 

9 Degrees Brisbane is open for membership for those who’d like to use the facility regularly to boost their fitness routine. The site is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 

The site will be open for most of the holiday break, including Boxing Day. Refer to their Facebook Page for their Christmas and New Year schedule.