The Gap Retiree Becomes $50,000 Richer in an Instant

A retiree from The Gap wasn’t expecting anything during her visit to newsXpress on Waterworks Road but she instantly became $50,000 richer.

The woman is now enjoying the boost in her retirement fund after officials from The Lott confirmed that the money is now in her bank account. 

The retiree said she went to newsXpress to purchase a $4 Cool Bananas Bingo ticket and was “just scratching away, as I usually do.” She could not believe her lucky stars when she saw $50,000 from her scratched ticket.

Photo Credit: Google Maps

The winner has not yet decided on what she’ll do with her newly acquired wealth so, for now, she will let it sit in the bank. 

“[It’s] for a rainy day and to enjoy throughout my retirement,” she said

According to The Lott, Instant Scratch-Its has had 177 winners in 2020, collectively winning $16 million in top prizes. However, players of the easy game have won more than 32.3 million across the prize tiers. 

The Instant Scratch-Its is unlike any other game because the players do not have to wait for a draw. There are seven million Instant Scratch-Its distributed across the country every year with tickets priced for $1 to $20.

The Lott stated that the odds of winning any prize on Instant Scratch-Its ticket are generally 1-in-4. Prizes less than $1,500 can be claimed at any authorised retail outlet.