Hillbrook Anglican School Announces New Principal

The Hillbrook Anglican School announced the appointment of Maria Woods as the school’s new principal, starting January 2022.

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Ms Woods served as the principal of Sunshine Coast Grammar School for almost a decade before accepting Hillbrook’s invitation to be their new head starting next year. Prior to this, she worked as a Deputy Principal at Cannon Hill Anglican College.

“A strong culture that values learning and places student wellbeing and growth at the heart of its mission, aligns with my professional and personal beliefs about quality education. I am delighted to accept the opportunity to join Hillbrook and work in partnership with all members of a committed and collaborative community,” Ms Woods said. 

The appointment of the new principal comes after current principal Geoff Newton, the school’s head for 24 years, announced his intention to retire at the end of 2021.

Mr Newton (Photo credit: www.hillbrook.qld.edu.au

Mr Rob Seljak, Chair of School Board, said the process of appointing a principal involved selecting from a large number of highly qualified candidates and considering their alignment to Hillbrook’s beliefs.

“Following her nearly thirty years’ as an educator, Maria brings a broad range of leadership experiences. Maria believes in compassion, integrity, kindness and optimism, and embodies these dispositions in her leadership approach,” Mr Seljak said about Ms Woods.

Mr Seljak believes Ms Woods will successfully lead the school into the future. He also acknowledged Mr Newton’s incredible contribution to staff, students, and families at Hillbrook as a principal for 14 years and as a deputy principal for 10 years.