Getting to Know Killarney in Enoggera

In Brisbane, there are many heritage-listed homes, some used by the government, whilst others are sold to ordinary residents. Living in homes like these spark curiosity amongst Brisbanites.

One example is Killarney, a heritage-listed detached house in Enoggera.

Photo credit: realestateVIEW

The popular Killarney house on Laurel Street was built in the 1860s and was home to several families.The home is one of the earliest surviving residences in the Kedron Brook district. It is also one of the earliest homes in the whole state with a rare early brick construction.

Killarney house was said to be built for Timothy Corbett in the 1860s. The house was passed on to generations of the Corbett family until 1895, when it became a rental property.

Renovation and Restoration

In April 2004, the Rui family bought the home and restored it to its perpetual beauty. Ms Sabina Rui grew up in the suburb but she never knew the home existed back then. When she learned about its history, she and her husband John decided to renovate it. Thus, their shared passion for protecting heritage houses was born.

When the couple moved in, the house was in shambles. There was termite damage, asbestos issues, and the bricks were also falling apart. The couple renovated the home and made the heritage home liveable.

Their renovation involved demolishing the back rooms and building an extension on that. They maintained the original cedar work on the door frames and the floorboards. The couple also created a music room at the front of the five-bedroom home. It also boasts of a well-kept vast lawn.

The neighbours were very happy with their couple’s efforts of restoring and protecting the home’s historical background.

However, last year the couple had to let go of the home after their two children moved to Melbourne to study.

Today, the house stands more beautiful than ever in the hands of its new owners.