The Gap Community Rallies Behind Teen’s Campaign to Upgrade The Gap Bowl

Photo Credit: Jake Woodiwiss/Change.Org

Over a thousand locals are supporting a petition, started by a high school kid, to upgrade The Gap Bowl, a unique skate park in Brisbane’s northside, as a full-featured bike, skate and scooter facility.

Jake Woodiwiss, a student from The Gap State High School, opened a petition via Change.Org and cited that The Gap Bowl needs to have two sections for beginners and advanced bikers or skateboarders. 

“At the moment there is only the one section that is for advanced riders and by adding a second section it would create possibilities for beginner riders and provide a way for those that are glued to their screens a way to get active and socialise,” he said. 

“Screen time is an ever increasing number in the youth of today’s society and has many negative effects including not getting enough exercise, not socialising with friends and family and can even lead to obesity and sleep problems.”

One supporter who signed the petition said that it’s high time for the upgrades as The Gap Bowl will serve the community for decades to come. 

Woodiwiss’ passionate call for an upgrade to The Gap Bowl has prompted Elizabeth Watson-Brown, the MP for Ryan, to host a Community BBQ on Sunday, 6 November 2022, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. to discuss the upgrades, alongside other amenities and facilities needed in The Gap. 

The Gap Bowl Community BBQ
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“Jake’s pitch about The Gap Bowl made me wonder: What other amenities and facilities are needed in The Gap? How well served is The Gap community by public transport? Are the diverse needs of the community catered for?”

“My team and I are keen to support locals who take action on issues that matter to them, so that sort of initiative from a high school student caught our attention!” Ms Watson-Brown said.