Claire’s Cottage Champions Inclusivity and Strength in Brisbane’s Great Tram Pull Event

Participants with disabilities are gearing up for an incredible display of strength and unity as they prepare to take on a monumental challenge in Brisbane’s second annual Brisbane’s Great Tram Pull Event.

Organized by Claire’s Cottage, a small family-owned NDIS registered organisation based in Ferny Hills, this event aims to break down stereotypes surrounding disabilities and showcase the remarkable capabilities of individuals with diverse abilities.

Last year, Claire’s Cottage made headlines when their team of disabled clients pulled a one-tonne tram up a 50-meter incline in just 23 seconds, finishing second only to a team of crossfit enthusiasts. This year, they’re back with even more determination, fielding two teams featuring participants with autism, Down syndrome, and even a woman who is legally blind.

Great Tram Pull Event  Claire's Cottage
Photo Credit: Claire’s Cottage/Facebook

At the heart of this event lies the celebration of inclusivity and empowerment. Claire’s Cottage Manager of People and Culture, Julie Gerstel, highlighted the significance of challenging stereotypes and empowering their participants. She noted that last year’s event was a remarkable moment that shattered preconceived notions about people with disabilities, showcasing their extraordinary capabilities.

Claire’s Cottage Director, Claire McCourtie shared the motivation behind starting the service provider. It began with her twin daughters, Betsy and Emma, who were diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. 

As they grew older and left school, Claire realised that there were limited opportunities for individuals with needs falling between the high and low ends of disability programs offered by larger organisations. 

This led to the creation of Claire’s Cottage, which now focuses on building skills, self-esteem, and even finding employment opportunities for their clients.

Great Tram Pull Event
Photo Credit: CrSteveToomey/Facebook

Brisbane’s Great Tram Pull Event has gained significant traction since its inception, with 16 teams signed up this year compared to just six last year. Claire’s Cottage will compete against 15 other “able-bodied” teams, including powerlifters, crossfitters, and members from various local sports clubs.

The event is not just about physical strength but about pushing boundaries and inspiring others to believe in their limitless potential.

The event is scheduled to take place at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, 24 Sept 2023, at the Brisbane Tramway Museum located at 20 Tramway Street, Ferny Grove. 

This year’s event promises to be a celebration of diversity, strength, and unity, proving once again that individuals with disabilities are more than capable of taking on extraordinary challenges and leaving a lasting impact on their community.

Published 19-Sept-2023