New Family-Friendly Ferny’s Cafe Ticks All the Boxes

Whilst there are fewer cafes to the west of Ferny Grove, there is, fortunately, the newly-opened Ferny’s Cafe & Espresso Bar which ticks all the boxes. This eatery on McGinn Road, which opened its doors in late December 2019, has superb food, excellent coffee and a family-friendly atmosphere.

Ferny’s Cafe & Espresso Bar fills what this suburb needs —  a great neighbourhood cafe and local hangout where the adults can have relaxing meals and the kids can enjoy every visit.  

This place, which was once PoshaMocha, has a dedicated play corner for the kids but it is not unusual to see the adults also enjoying themselves as they play board games or guide their children in the pretend kitchen set-up. There’s a spacious outdoor area as well for families to bring their dogs and order some affordable doggie treats. 

The food choices at Ferny’s Cafe is a mix of healthy and delectable treats to entice even diners with the most discerning taste or limited diet requirements. They offer Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian and Vegan options.

The Ferny Fritters is the yummy favourite from the all-day breakfast and lunch options. Coffee served at this cafe is from Elixir.

This eatery has a friendly service staff that attends to the diners’ needs promptly even when this restaurant gets pretty busy. 

Ferny’s Cafe is owned by the same group running Blackwood Cafe in Mitchelton. The restaurant trades daily and you can refer to its Facebook Page for the opening hours, especially during the school terms.

“WOW!!! Just demolished their Ferny Fritters as they were amazing! Wanted to kiss the talented Chef/s. It was super busy but the food still came out really quickly & was full of flavour & presented beautifully. Well done!! Coffee superb too!”

~ Spencer Jill, Facebook 

“There used to be two problems in my life… one was my coffee addiction and the other was that I moved to a suburb with no great coffee options. But then all was solved when Ferny’s came along. Oh…my…word! This little cafe is amazeballs- bright, good vibes, friendly staff ANNNNND it’s doggo friendly!! I took my pupper, Frankie out for his first visit today and we are unanimously decided- this cafe is the bestest, not just because its the only one in the suburb.”

~ Charmaine Spencer, Google Reviews