Enoggera Dam Spill: Residents Advised to Prepare

Did you know that Enoggera Dam has been operating at a staggering 101 per cent capacity, prompting local authorities to issue flood warnings for residents? The elevated water level has also prompted the temporary suspension of paddle craft activities at the Enoggera Reservoir.

The immediate concern stems from the extraordinarily high tides experienced last week and the continuation of these unusual tide patterns over a period of several days. The highest tide of the entire year 2024 is anticipated to occur on 11 February. This unusual tide pattern is projected to peak at a height of 2.81 meters precisely at 11:09 AM AEST, according to tide data sourced from TideTime.org

Maritime Safety Queensland has also listed the highest tide for Brisbane Bar in 2024, also occurring on February 11th, with a height of 2.77 meters at 10:45 AM.

This tide event is characteristic of a “king tide,” occurring when the Earth, moon, and sun align at perigee and perihelion, resulting in the highest spring tides, primarily during the summer months of December, January, and February. 

Whilst the immediate concern revolves around water levels and tides, the public is advised to remain mindful of the prevailing weather conditions. Brisbane’s weather forecast indicates a pattern of warm and predominantly dry conditions, signalling the waning days of summer. 

Enoggera Reservoir
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

During this period, daily temperatures are expected to fluctuate between daytime highs of approximately 29° to 30°C (84° to 86°F) and nighttime lows around 22° to 24°C (73° to 75°F). These conditions suggest generally warm weather with occasional temperature variations.

Though specific rainfall predictions for the upcoming days are not explicitly provided in the sources, historical trends for February in Brisbane suggest the likelihood of some rainy days. On average, Brisbane typically experiences three to eight days of rainfall during this month. 

Consequently, residents should remain prepared for intermittent showers, despite the prevailing warm weather. For residents familiar with flood-prone regions, there is a proactive measure available: free sandbags can be collected round the clock at various SES depots in Darra, Lota, Morningside, Newmarket and Zillmere. 

Published 18-Jan-2024