Retrace Qld’s Gold Mining History at Golden Boulder Track

If you haven’t tried bushwalking, Golden Boulder Circuit situated within D’Aguilar National Park is a great place to start. Here you could follow the footsteps of gold miners that once worked on the mine shafts in Bellbird Grove.

Bellbird Grove is home to a number of bird species including cockatoos, whip birds and wedge-tailed eagles. There are also great picnic and barbecue spots here where the family could just hang out and for kids to run around and play.

And if you’re feeling a little adventurous, there are two walking tracks at the site, the Turrbal Circuit and the Golden Boulder Circuit. 

Retrace Qld’s Gold Mining History at Golden Boulder Track
Wedge-tailed eagle soaring above Golden Boulder track | Photo credit:  The State of Queensland /

The gently sloping Golden Boulder track will take you on an educational tour as you pass the remains of the abandoned goldmines which date back to the 860s as well as a reconstructed shanty hut. Mining operations in this area lasted until 1946 when the last gold prospectors gave up ever finding any more gold.

Here, there are opportunities to watch sulphur-crested cockatoos, pardalotes, lace monitors, eastern whip birds and other wildlife that thrive in the area. 

Got energy for some more walk? You can continue exploring the 1.7km Turrbal Circuit, named after the Turrbal tribe who once inhabited the area. This leisurely walk passes through a eucalypt forest and crosses Cedar Creek several times.

Do watch out because you might come across bird species including eastern yellow robin and white-browed scrubwren.

How to get there?

Bellbird Grove is situated in the South D’Aguilar section of D’Aguilar National Park. From The Gap, you take Mount Nebo Road to Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre. Then continue north-west along Mt Nebo Road (about 4 kilometres) before you take a turn into Bellbird Grove Road. From there will be another 1.6km ride before you reach the day-use area car park.

Published 17-January-2023

This Cafe in Walkabout Creek is A Mini Tropical Escape

The Walkabout Creek in The Gap is the ultimate getaway for adventure-seekers. It gives locals an opportunity to explore the wildlife; go on a mountain bike trail, kayak, and paddle. But more than the fun activities, it also allows everyone to unwind.  

Whereas many locals come here for the thrill, a lot of people drop by the Walkabout Creek to simply reconnect with nature. And what’s better than enjoying breakfast or lunch whilst surrounded by the lush greenery? A view of the Mt Nebo landscape awaits you at the Walkabout Creek Cafe.

The Walkabout Creek Cafe is nestled at the Discovery Centre in D’Aguilar National Park, a 36,000-hectare park northwest of Brisbane. It’s just 12-kilometre from the Brisbane CBD, so it’s one of the places to go to when you’re longing for a short escape from the city.

The cafe offers a range of breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea items and a range of drinks including beer and wine. It’s a nice spot to meet up with friends or bring the kids after a beautiful bush walk.

Apart from their All Day Menu and beverages, they also offer a Picnic Hamper which is packed in a hamper box and perfect for a picnic down at the reservoir. They have a kiddie version of this picnic hamper, consisting of ham and cheese sandwich, a bag of popcorn, Chocolate mud cake, and apple or orange juice.

Walkabout Creek Cafe opens 9:00 am to 2:00 pm on weekdays and 8:00 am to 3:00 pm on weekends. For more information about the cafe, check out their website or follow them on Facebook.

The Gap’s D’ Aguilar National Park Is Always Worth a Visit

Formerly Brisbane Forest Park, D’ Aguilar National Park in The Gap is always worth the visit. If you want to see the beautiful rainforest and a magnificent view of Moreton Bay, this is the perfect spot.

The diversity of environment and plant communities that can be found here will take one’s breath away. Eucalypt woodlands, gum forests and subtropical rainforests are all yours to enjoy. A perfect place to get lost in if you are looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

There are shady picnics areas where you can relax in with your loved ones. Throw in a picnic rug, bring in a couple off sandwiches and just breathe in the fresh air, There are also barbecue spots at Jolly’s Lookout where you can grill some good meat and chicken while taking on the breathtaking views of Samford Valley.

Experienced walkers can hike the Somerset trail and take in the wonderful views of Somerset and Wivenhoe lakes. For trail adventures, you can ride a horse or a bike out for a bushland ride on the mountain bike trail network and horse riding trail network. There is also a trail-bike and 4WD adventure that you can enjoy.

Since it’s summer, why don’t you take a dip at the Rocky Hole. You can also set up your tent at Neurum Creek or if you want somewhere quieter, the Archer camping area is your best choice.