The Gap Coles, Top Queensland Store, to Recognise School Waste Warriors

Did you know that The Gap Coles is one of the top five Coles stores in Queensland with diligent and persevering young waste warriors, along with Aspley Hypermarket, Toowong, Fairfield and Greenslopes? As a leading outlet, The Gap Coles will reward a school in the suburb with young eco-activists in celebration of Coles’ 10-year partnership with REDcycle. 

During this decade-long campaign, Coles shoppers across the country, especially in The Gap, have helped collect more than 1.6 billion pieces of plastic wastes. From this collection, 565 million pieces were from last financial year. 

In recognition of these efforts, 80 primary schools all over Australia will receive a buddy bench made from 98% recycled plastic as a reward for their innovative and proactive ways to protect the environment. The schools’ initiatives were showcased in Coles’ Sustainability4Schools competition, which ranged from making their own REDcycle bins in the classroom to building sustainable kitchen gardens and planting trees. 

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“As part of Coles’ “Together to Zero” strategy, we want to work with organisations like REDcycle and local schools to reduce waste and drive generational sustainability,” Kirsty Davis, Coles General Manager Sustainability and Property Services said. 

“School kids across Australia have inspired us with their innovative and proactive ways to protect the environment and we want to reward and recognize their efforts by providing them with a bench made from recycled plastic.” 

The buddy benches also support Coles new national sustainability awareness campaign that sets out Coles Group’s “Together to Zero” ambitions towards zero waste, zero emissions and zero hunger and encourages all Australians to work “Better Together” to help ensure Australia is a better place for future generations. 

Coles The Gap and Other Queensland Stores to Phase Out Plastic Bags

A few hours after Woolworths announced that it is phasing out single-use plastic bags at its stores across the country, Coles made a similar announcement to stop using plastic bags.

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The supermarket giant confirmed that it is implementing the phase out at its stores in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

The move will put the stores into line with Coles supermarkets in South Australia, the Northern Territory and ACT, which have laws banning single-use plastic bags.

Queensland has legislated a similar ban, which will take effect on 1 July 2018.


Coles Chief Customer Officer Simon McDowell said the company has been working towards the announcement for some time now as it improves environmental outcomes throughout its business.

To help customers adjust to the coming ban, Coles is making sure that the transition will be smooth.

“We know customers like the convenience of single-use bags, so we’ll make sure we have plenty of other options for them if they forget to bring their own bags from home,” said Mr McDowell.

Coles is already encouraging shoppers to bring reusable bags and is providing recycling bins for soft plastics at 630 of its stores.

As part of the phase-out, the supermarket will provide a range of reusable bags at different prices.